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  1. if you have notepad++ , then use search function for all files, and search for "setElementHealth" , it will show u the files down the screen, look them and set the zombies health which u want, i hope this going to work.
  2. This means they are good scripters - Non lag making scripts.
  3. CowTurbo


    have u added group "Taxi" to the acl ?
  4. CowTurbo

    plz vote

    mine havent arived still lolz
  5. weird, tell me with point to point what did u do when u install it. and try /debugscript 3 in game and say is there some errors ?
  6. have u unzipped the file ? to the folder.
  7. CowTurbo

    plz vote

    yeah , voted, for me wasnt have the location bug, u have to add a first letter and wait for showing up countrys Enyway, what is it ?
  8. you have added something wrong, tell me what did u do ?
  9. founded out that if u enter enableHouses = 2 then it isnt working well. if u add 1 then it is.
  10. function create( playerSource, commandName, name ) local acc = getPlayerAccount ( playerSource ) local gang = getAccountData( acc,"gang") if(gang) then outputChatBox ( "You already have a gang, use /gangleave to leave it!", playerSource ) else if getAccount( "gang-" ..name.."") then outputChatBox ( "Account name alreaady exist.", playerSource ) else local money = getPlayerMoney(playerSource) if( money < 1000000 ) then outputChatBox ( "You don't have enough money!", playerSource )
  11. A: Yeah, thats why im called turbo cow Q: Chicken ?
  12. be ready, im seting server up lolz
  13. Thx. Yes it does, but i'm lazy to check download it again. Hmm, i havent found ... Im sorry, haven't noticed ur earlyer post, and yeah, i have deleted link by fault. Thx for saying, Link: http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=1841 Try out my other resources
  14. A: Ahh, yeah Q: What is best server in MTA ?
  15. he means the way of it, like, u are creating houses same way...
  16. edit the votemanager. Maybe i can help u, contact me in MSN when im online .
  17. Is it possible to be teacher -> earn money with it. ?
  18. roleplay, war, freeroam,
  19. u forgoted download link
  20. CowTurbo


    already did, its pretty hard to understand because of they own maded gui sys
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