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  1. its already in MTA. Try, create 2 edits, and press tab, while adding text in first one, or second.
  2. this isnt working right. it changes it pos, but not where the arrow is, at end, it dont come end, and at start, he dont come start, he's moving a bit at center. So, i tryed to change maths, but, useless, im not good at maths, some help will be good with that =) Thx
  3. Post count = 2 Lol, wasnt realy active 1 post more than this one anyway, Welcome backk
  4. there is couple mistakes, if botton = "left" have to be if button == "left" and so on, but, this is not what i wanted, i wanna set progress bar progress, by moving arrow on it.
  5. Hello, i wanted to ask that how to make this -> You got progress bar, and when you click on it, and move arrow left, then the progress goes to this position where the arrow is selected on progress. No script is needed what i have done i think,
  6. function main() medicblip = createBlip ( 2036, -1408, 17, 22, 0, 0, 0, 255 ) medicpickup = createPickup (2036, -1408, 17, 3, 1277, 100) end addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), main) -- why is here displayLoadedRes, in ur script is no such function. addEventHandler ("onPickupUse", getRootElement(), function (playerWhoUses) if (source == medicpickup) then giveWeapon (playerWhoUses, 14, 1, true) setElementData (playerWhoUses, "job", "medic") else end end) addEventHandler ("onPlayerDamage", getRootElement(), function(
  7. for every slow scrollbar move, you need to triggerServerEvent -> Eats much FPS, when some idiot are playing with scrollbar ( moving left, right, left, right... )
  8. I sended u PM with code, please, DONT GIVE THIS AWAY! Or i come and kill you
  9. he will host server for you.
  10. CowTurbo


    Son, wanna get perfect girl ? Yea dad Go buy a barbie girl Ok dad, how big With XXL Boobies Roger that, wanna one by u too ? Yeah, with small nippels ARE U HOMO!? No, im homo, with small leters, i am not so advanced yet. Negative What the hell are you talking about ? Just, how have i made then? If you are homo, then you cant be my dad. I can, your mom isnt ur mom, Damn daddy! I comed from Penis?! Amazing, how small i was Smaller than mines digi digi ting, behinde the two legs.
  11. Not realy much info about you
  12. Game modes are simple for me Show me ur modes
  13. CowTurbo

    Vehicle Sloths

    I think the easyest way for doing that is seting accountData. When player boughts car, then set he's account data to that vehicle what he did bought. So, if you wanna do that with different buttons.. -- For buying car function buyCar1 ( carName,price ) local playerAccount = getPlayerAccount ( source ) local car1 = getAccountData ( playerAccount, "Car1" ) if not( car1 ) then if ( getPlayerMoney => price ) then setAccountData ( playerAccount, "Car1", carName ) -- For model, you can do getVehicleModelFromName function,
  14. try to change nil to getRootElement()
  15. you have stolen this right ? we are not making request, and even more, finish stolen scripts. learn by ur own: wiki.mtasa.com
  16. function onJoin () if not( timerValue == true )then timerValue = true getTimerValue () end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), onJoin ) function getTimerValue () if ( timerValue == true ) then triggerClientEvent ( getRootElement(), "showDX", getRootElement() ) setTimer ( setValue, 30000,1 ) elseif (timerValue == false) then triggerClientEvent ( getRootElement(), "hideDX", getRootElement() ) end end function setValue () timerValue = false getTimerValue () end function onStart () setTimer ( getTimerValuea(), 50,0) end addEve
  17. A: Yeah, its over here. If i play too much with it, then it goes strong , and if i play on with it, then theres comes out milk, its realy good. Even, when i play on, then i get reeallyy good feeling, like, im in heaven. Q: You like it ?
  18. seems like you server started correctly.
  19. edit that resources. =)
  20. http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ils&id=665
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