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    No Markers?

    u have to add marker to the interior and dimension, use setElementInterior and setElementDimension for that. (outBankMarker... )
  2. get ped head position, and set camera matrix to the x,y,z on client pre render
  3. CowTurbo

    Weird thingy

    vehicle max health is 1001. ofcourse u can set more, but, 1001 is the normal Spawn a vehicle using admin panel, and see it there .
  4. CowTurbo


    always when u edit tabel, set tabel as elementData. gamesTabel = {} object = createObject ( ID, 0,0,-50 ) -- create custom object for element data setElementData ( object, "TABEL_GAMETEAMS", gamesTabel ) ( After that u can get tabel always. gamesTabel = getElementData ( object, "TABEL_GAMETEAMS" )
  5. its not valhallas script
  6. This resource is big fail with this way U can make 15 line code with even mouse moving. onClientPreRender getElementPosition ( ped ) and + number onClientPreRender ....
  7. function setName ( thePlayer,commandName) setPlayerNametagColor(thePlayer, 255,255,0 ) end addCommandHandler ( "adminduty", setName ) ?
  8. i do have one, but its not mine, so i cant give/sell it. Maybe u can contact with owner of it, however, the script isnt ready.
  9. amazing Bug script. Why is that end needed at end? Why u dont have at first function 2 arguments, second bodypart arg will return weapon arg. U dont have second end at first function. What did u even change, removed one function and all ?
  10. CowTurbo

    Lua table

    Tabel is easy thing, where u can store items, arguments, everything what u would like to. With tabel, u can make much more easyly big items, lets make u example. myTabel = {{"Infernus", "0", "0","3"}{"Alpha", "0", "3","3"}} -- So, tabel is now done with Car name, and cords. function createVehicles () for i,v in ipairs ( myTabel ) do -- gets all items in tabel local carID = getVehicleModelFromName(v[1]) local vehicle[i] = createVehicle ( carID, tonumber([v2]), tonumber([v3]), tonumber([v4])) end end addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisReso
  11. Gratz of bumbing old topis! Amazing job dude =D
  12. last end is out of the function And dont name al functions same .. you can make ur code MUCH smaller.. outputChatBox("<==Ant!-System[xDev-PoinT]==>",0,255,0) function onDamage(attacker, weapon, bodypart) -- if getElementType(attacker) == '487' then : Dont think this will work, getElementType will get type, such as vehicle, ped, object.... if getElementType(attacker) == 'vehicle' or ( weapon == 0 ) then cancelEvent() end end addEventHandler("onClientPlayerDamage", getLocalPlayer(),onDamage) Others i dont see.
  13. viewtopic.php?f=91&t=26541
  14. Try to search The_GTA, i think it can be The_GTA Testing server or something, like usual, or maybe he got something unusual
  15. Thats amazing how fast can server be in list. I bougted a server at serverFFS.com, and after i started, my MTA was running, and i was connecting using IP, between my connect and server staring were at least 3 sec ( i was already connected before one server, no more GTA loading screens.. ) and i sawed one guy was already in Server! He was talked to me, and he say he founded my server in list, wtf ?
  16. CowTurbo;D wippi Amazing idea Good luck with it
  17. The progress is not moving as it have to , i click at end, it moves to bit more of center, when i click at start, it moves a bit down then center, ...u should try it byu ur own...
  18. but, that isnt that nice for there, even, when u give up so easyly, then u dont get good work
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