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    nop, not rly , make tabel EDIT, damn, varez was first..
  2. this would be nice for annoying people they have easy to find you to follow you to server from server -- enyway, nice idea
  3. when someone gives you a admin rights, then you MUST reconnect, else you can press buttons but when you add in acl.xml, it must work, when you add wrongly, you wont even got open it
  4. ofcourse you can, but there you can add only one spawnpoint. so.. your chose.
  5. it is! make your own not beging to make it work whit 1.0!
  6. hmm there isnt needed for command.. just, make it like varez sayd local isPlaying = false -- hmm, dont know is local needed, but i think it is? local myMarker2 = createMarker ( 48.590377807617,2252.8537597656,270.80096948242, "arrow", 1.0, 120, 255, 0, 170 ) function soundclub(hitElement, matchingDimension) if not isPlaying then isPlaying=true stopSound(sound) local sound = playSound("club.mp3") setSoundVolume(sound, 0.6) setTimer(function() isPlaying=false end, 32500, 1) end end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", myMarker2, soundclub)
  7. enyway use stopSound function , when marker hits, and then start it again. so it wont be over played, but will be started again
  8. comon, stop using "ooso's house system"
  9. Click Here you can see there, there are already maked what you want! ( example 3 ) so the code : local distance = 5 --units -- define our handler (we'll take a variable number of parameters where the name goes, because there are vehicle names with more than one word) function consoleCreateVehicle ( sourcePlayer, commandName, ... ) -- if a player triggered it, not the admin, if ( sourcePlayer ) then -- calculate the position of the vehicle based on the player's position and rotation: local x, y, z = getElementPosition ( sourcePlayer ) -- get the player's positi
  10. i got serverFFS.com host. And only problem what i got, is that, the server keeps restarting. When i live at night, and come back in moring, i see , some scripts isnt working, what arent in start up. Thats what i only got.
  11. that will be realy big project to you. You should start whit the most important things, but, because you are begginer, so, you should start whit easy things. Just, make sure, what RPG you want, teams, or whitout, if want teams, maybe make a team gui, whit teams and else, make the best one or whitout teams , maybe make logingui or something. and you can always ask from me help.. contact whit PM me if you want, i will give my MSN
  12. No errors? maybe this will cause this... client...
  13. you can use setsky_pink too, but make sure, you are logged in, and you are admin.
  14. varez, u missed that, he sayd its in client, but he have onMarkerHit, that is will be too one bug..
  15. [code] maybe, but i'm not sure..
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