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  1. I dont know where to put this topic, so, please, dont delete it, or when u change destination, then PM me the new destinatin

    Im pretty sure that in this forum are some 3d modelers.

    So, i have some problems with saving .dff file. It keeps spaming error: "Unkown property: "diffuse" in undefined."

    What i should do, also, i some of my models have been saved, and in mta, the 50% of textures aren't shown up, why ?

    Im using sketcup, 3ds max, and the g-img.

    I have made model in sketcup, exportit as a one group, imported in 3ds max, deleted the shematic view, and then try to save .dff file, and it says "Unkown property: "diffuse" in undefined."

  2. So, as my math isn't so good as i can get it, i wanna ask it from here.

    So, i have done that when a vehicele hits marker, the marker move. But, i need to move the marker ALWAYS to the right side of vehicle. So, when i hit it from north, it goes to the left side of vehicle, when i hit south, it goes left side.. i hope u understand. And.. i dont have no idea how to make that. some rotations and positions .. ? :S

  3. CrystalMV , never done things with those functions. Is it too much if i ask this thing from u :?:roll:

    U Can get credits for sure :P

    If no, then i will try :roll:

  4. Isnt there no function to get fire position and is it still fireing ?

    Example: You create fire using

    fire = createFire ( x,y,z , 3 ) 

    and now i wanna get the fire pos

    getFirePos ( fire ) 

    ( I know, no such function ) but there isnt no function for it, getElementPosition dont get it.

    Also, i cant check is it still fireing, something like isFireAlive ( fire ) and it can return true or false ...

    so, i wanna ask isnt it possible with no way ? if not, then my gamemode wont be cool..

  5. Some places looks 100% white , so you can use a texture 1 X 1 pixel and the pixel is white xD !

    You mean make the texture pic 1x1 big?

    cool job

    Hehe, thanks.

    Wanted to say that i tested it in mR|Team stunt mode, which will come to snowmode in future, but the download was 22mb without snowmobile, with snowmobile its 23,6 or so. Not so bad, eh ? :roll:

    But when i finish this then the download will be 50mb anyway lol.

  6. Heey guys, do you remeber my snowmode resource ? No ? Take a look there.

    http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=1320

    But, now, i have v2 for that :lol: It got's much more nicest looking now :D

    I Just wanted to show that to you, and see what you guys think about it. I haven't been in my mind, to relase it, so, its not download able yet, but, who knows, maybe i do. Its pretty big, maybe more than 50mb to download. But, its worth it :twisted:

    Some pics of that too :lol:












  7. Can someone give me the link for texture list in wiki? Cant find it. I know there is a list where u can see a texture name and which objects using this texture.... need it. Please, answer fast. :roll:

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