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  1. I set up a MTA server on a win2k3 server on the local LAN and connected. I played several maps before I was kicked "client not responding". This also occurs when the MTA server is run on the same machine as the client, so yes this does happen on local servers. S-T
  2. Not tried a local server.... will give that a go. I have the usual harware firewall that comes as part of the broadband router. Although I have another firewall that serves other machines, the PC I use for MTA is not routed through it. I have shutdown everything except my gaming PC and the router in an attempt to sus this out S-T
  3. In response to: Chain The dialogue box states: "Connection with server lost!" the same error every disconnection. My machine is old now.. single core XP3200+ 9800pro So I do not have any other tasks running when game is playing. I disable AV when playing any game and that is normally all I have running in background anyway. Oh apart from flask mpeg converting a 4Gb video file and lightwave rendering a battle scene from Babylon 5 In response to: KillFrenzy Can happen anytime, during first 30 seconds of connecting and spawning, sometimes before I past the first CP. I can play several r
  4. Hi KillFrenzy, thanks. I have a 1Mb ADSL broadband connection. I live in UK and connect to servers with a ping of between 30 and 80. I understand the effect that other protocols and other machines simultaneously connecting to the internet or downloading can have whilst I am playing. As an aid to diagnosis I have removed IPSec, my VPN tunnels, software firewalls and shutdown every other machine on my network and tried. Unfortunately the problem persists, with no noticable change. S-T
  5. Hi, I have version 1.1.1 installed and I am constantly being disconnected from the server I am playing on. Which server is irrelevant, it occurs on every server I connect to. I can sometimes play several races on a server, eventually I get disconnected. I have rarely played for more than 20 minutes without a disconnection. This is now the ONLY issue I have with MTA-SA. My network is stable and secure with several machines running Linux and w2k3 server as well as XP pro. I have absolutely no networking issues of any kind with the other machines, nor when I play other online games with the m
  6. imho, In a RACE , exploding cars should NOT damage other vehicles. In a destruction race, it is nice to attempt some kind of revenge with your rolling bomb. However when racing other players will purposely block the path with a vehicle that is due explode or use it in some other way to destroy other players. Nothing but pure childish selfishness, it gets to be a pain after several races. And if you play on a no-respawn server it can be especially irritating. A race is a non-contact event, to purposely attempt to take out another player with a rolling bomb just because your game is over is
  7. The two occaisions have both been during a map/middle of race. If you can be more specific about the detail, kind of information you want, I will pleased to provide it: I have virtual network adapters installed for instance, if this is relevant? having read the other post to htis thread, do you still require further info? laz
  8. As requested in the error dialogue FYI error 92 has occured twice now regards laz
  9. phps a 3 or so second delay before the collision detection kicks in on respawns would help this? Some visual indication (energy level in white instead of red for instance) of state of newly respawned And I agree with a respawn limit. Every online game has its disruptive and selfish element. A player will join a server with no other agenda than to spoil others enjoyment, constant respawn is just ambrosia to them. And thanks for giving me so much fun mta team.
  10. Hi I seem to be experiencing a great deal of failed connections during game play, can be anytime during a race. Something I experienced only occaisionally with 1.0. Nothing has changed except the install of the new client. The client occaisionally reboots my PC too! Though a little more often than 1.0 Other than those niggles, for which I suspect my system is partly to blame; XP SP2 installed 3 years ago, I do house keep, even so it is full of *#!'*% .. However, I can play SA without the client for hours without a problem just the same. What ever niggles there may be I have to say; Nic
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