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  1. Sorry for bumping this, but I want to change the coordinates of the ammunition shops. As in the interior and the arrow outside of the door. It's because I want to move it to the OpenVice map and the coordinations are completely different, so do I need to change the ammu_peds.lua or more then that to make it work. When I enter one of the open ammunition shops I should get a GUI window that's the idea.
  2. I checked nothing in there about disallowing such skins only setskin "false/true"
  3. I tried using that script myself, and what it only does is that it gives you a red message saying you may not use this skin.. and the person can still keep using it. Is it missing an cancel event ? errMsg( "You are not allowed to use this skin." ) cancelEvent () -- stop the event from occuring end
  4. Alright thanks, I'll look into this Hmm the image size is 600x600
  5. Great work, using it in SA map now. But we also have a other server, which is Open Vice I was fiddling with the map myself to locate my position with the map itself, also I tried playing with the zoom function. But the map itself becomes too blurry. Here's a image to show you what I mean : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10633539/GTA/positioning.jpg You can see that the standard hud in OV has it properly working : http://cache.gyazo.com/4073162734eb1341 ... 8eab6e.png Is there way to fix this myself?
  6. Check the house system resource or you can create your own, by just using teleport editor in map editor and making your own teleports to interiors when standing in front of a door..
  7. I'm actually already running this resource, and it works fine. Although I do get this in console of my server [2012-01-18 22:11:32] WARNING: @main_server.lua.bak:406: Access denied @ 'callRemote' [2012-01-18 22:11:32] INFO: BUSINESS: Couldn't Check For New Version , Add Resource To Admin Group And I did add it under admin group, and I do have permission to create and it also saves the business on server quit. This is what I added under group name = Admin
  8. If you wanted to know for what I was aiming for and what I will be using it for. Offtopic: IRRELEVANT
  9. Thanks will try this right away EDIT: thank you so much, now I got everything working. Thanks I tried it for both so /kill and I kept the weapon same for disconnect so it works
  10. Actually tried the respawn too while having guns, also removes it
  11. Was hoping for it to work, but unfortunately it didn't save, i tried to give myself a weapon and try and logout and then /kill and then another /login but weapons were gone, thanks for the effort though
  12. I used your code, for freeroam so broph.lua the weapon saving is clientside so I made a meta.xml and a weaponsave.lua containing that code that I posted above
  13. I still thank you guys for the perfectly working script, but now I'm trying to figure out a working weapon save system. I didn't code this, but a guy called Jason wrote the code : weaponSlots = 11 ammoSlot = {} gunSlot = {} for slot = 1, weaponSlots do if getPedWeapon ( player, slot ) then ammoSlot[slot] = getPedTotalAmmo ( player, slot ) gunSlot[slot] = getPedWeapon ( player, slot ) end end -- If you want save your WEAPON CODE later than you can use ElementData -> global for gun = 1, #gunSlot do
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