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    Train Bug

    The righthanded track DOES NOT exist in northern part of SA. It circles that crappy way between LS-> point 1 -> SF (see first secreen) and doesnt exist in LV and the north. So all tests done. If devs need some more info on the point. Just ask. Something should be done on that issue
  2. Matubo

    Train Bug

    Here is the second experiment, I promised. Now the train was spawn also in LS, but on the lefthand track of the rail. Also heading north (counter-clockwise move around the country). As you can see on map this track is much better to use, than the righthand one. It has only two gaps, but covers almost complete country railway. PS btw, I cant spawn a train to move "clockwise".. They all spawn only one-way: CCW. Any one can?
  3. Matubo

    Train Bug

    I made some experiments recently and got some results on it. This is a train course on picture, when spawning a train in Los Santos on righthand track heading North. The arrow on map shows the direction of train move. And the track is righthanded regarding this direction. 1: this is the point where the train goes out of rail tracks and runs in wilderness The train goes through the country on the same Z-coord. So it runs underground under the mesh, it flies in the sky. Behaves weird so to say 2: this is the point in SF where the train again stands on rail tracks and goes to LS 3: thi
  4. Me too. That is why, I post here And, being a hardcode programmer myself, I have an inside feeling that something wrong happens on a player object itself. Some triggers, or smth. I dont know the algorithms, implemented in MTA, but there obviously should be such handlers on objects. And one of them crashes after these manipulations. One of those, who handle car interactions. Thats are just my thougts. No more.
  5. This is not the point of the issue. These errors were posted by me, to maybe help developers pinpoint the root of the problem. This is just an additional info.
  6. This seems to work. Thank you. But there goes next problem. Let me describe you this malfunction: Firstly, here is the event declaration and event-function: function onVEnter( player, seat, jacked ) local is_admin_car = getElementData(source, "admin_car") outputChatBox ( "Function is called..." ) if is_admin_car == "1" and not PlayerHasPower(player) then outputChatBox ( "Filter worked..." ) cancelEvent() end end addEventHandler( "onVehicleStartEnter", root, onVEnter) Here how it goes. I join the server as a simple
  7. Well, I dont need to jump around "hasObjectPermissionTo" after you said that this is not the point. I just want to make this filtering mechanism. I dont know how, thats why I'm here. Any advise, help, explanations are welcome. Once more, the idea in brief: I create a car. I want only Admins to have permission to enter it. In my idea in event of "onVehicleStartEnter" there should be two conditions in the verifications: - is this car should be checked at all. In other words is this car has "admin car" flag "on" or "off" - is the player is a simple player or an Admin If flag is true and p
  8. Can you show me how to access this custom data member? And I didnt clearly catch, how this member can be used to filter plyers. As I understand this flag will indicate "can anyone enter any vehicle". But as I wrote before, I wanted to filter just one precise vehicle. I need more specific filter than a global flag. If you were so kind to explain how I can arrange the handling of data members like "resource.YourResourceNameHere.canEnterVehicles", this would be great.
  9. I see your point. Thanks. But nevertheless your type of check doesnt work. I made several experiments and they show that everyone have the permission to "funtion.banIP". Like: local can = hasObjectPermissionTo( player, "function.banIP") if can then outputDebugString("He can...", 3) else outputDebugString("He cant...", 3) I tried: local can = hasObjectPermissionTo( player, "function.banIP") local can = hasObjectPermissionTo( player, "function.banIP", false) local can = hasObjectPermissionTo( player, "function.banIP", true) The result was always: [iNFO] He can... R
  10. I think this should sound like: function onVEnter( player, seat, jacked ) local is_admin_car = getElementData(source, "admin_car") if is_admin_car == "1" and hasObjectPermissionTo ( player, "function.banIP", false) then cancelEvent() end end addEventHandler( "onVehicleStartEnter", root, onVEnter) Well, this should be a trick. But is there any standard tools to make these checkings more standardized? And where can I find the list of those built-In data members of an element by types? Like this one: "function.banIP". As far as I understand
  11. The task is: to allow only Admins to enter a specific Car. I've created a car in MAP file. Created a Flag that this one car is for Admins only. A redirect its value to the IF statement in EVENT function, but I cant check if the entering Player is admin. Generally speaking: function onVEnter( player, seat, jacked ) local is_admin_car = getElementData(source, "admin_car") if(is_admin_car == "1" and [RESULT OF ADMIN CHECK HERE]) then cancelEvent() end end addEventHandler( "onVehicleStartEnter", root, onVEnter)
  12. Matubo

    Admin Commands

    Yes, it would be nice to know how to use console admin commands, cause BAN from admin panel - crashes server. What are the commnds? Where to type them in? What is their syntax? And what is their prefix to become a command?
  13. This information is not complete. There are only basic infos of starting server, but not the use and maintenance by Admin. As concerns gamemodes, there are only some lists of commands, but not their usage. So to say: "read it and know it". But how server admin should use them? Its completely on his own to find out. But this IS the matter of how-tos, when devs share their knowlege with end users about their projects behaviour. This is what I meant, when wrote about working with documentation. More specific infos about usage wpould be great help for newbie users.
  14. I'm not trying, I stopped that server, by setting its tag to 0 (as you write in WIKI) I figured out some answers by myself: Q3: unzipping every file to its own subdir in web folder do the job, all works fine Q4: when unzipped to subdirs, all files are downloaded as necessary. You, guys done a great work, but you should do the same work with your public How-Tos and other documentation. I figured out that before starting any "themed" maps for stealth, assault, Capture the Vehicle etc., I must change the gamemode for this "theme". But I didnt read this anywhere. And With that issue I have
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