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    I thought they we're locked at 30 thats why i thought it was a bug of some kind, that sucks Oh well, it aint THAT bad
  2. Headgib


    Blokker I was not having a go at you or anything I was just saying low framerates suck So far the program is GREAT and I cant wait for Deathmatch I have not encounterd a single crash bug And my framerates always seem to be 30, but i still dont like 30 lol Is there any way you could cap the framerate abit hire, say. 60? Would it cause problems if you did that? keep up the great work!
  3. Headgib


    Too right, but still. Low frame rates suck monkey ass!!!
  4. i think i might check out 1.0 till this problem is fixed. EDIT: Ok I played abit of 1.0 . I think I may have spotted the problem. When I installed 1.0 the first time I left the server thing ticked, it wouldent boot. Then I reinstalled and deselected the server tick box, it was working fine and btw there are still Australian servers for 1.0 When you install 1.1 you cant deselect all the server tick boxes, that may be the problem.
  5. Hopefully soon an MTA Dev will post in here I am DYING to play this MOD!
  6. Not having a go at your or anything. But normally a LINK to the topic helps! And if it is you're settings file, i already tried that. EDIT: Yes, single player works FINE! Heh, I was wasting ballas
  7. Glad to see it is not just me with this problem, but a the same time I am going INSANE!!!!!
  8. Nope no mods, i did a fresh install, then installed MTA
  9. ZOMG THANKS! It aint my real stats and all that But oh well EDIT: THE SAVE DID NOT WORK When I try and load it, it crashes saying GTA_SA has encouterd a problem and needs to close bla bla bla I used the downgrade patch to version 1.0... that MAY be why... I dont know Without that patch i couldent play MTA
  10. My worst computer day was 3 or 4 days ago. For awile i had 2 IEXPLORE tasks always open, I assumed there was a virus on my pc because when i tried to close them, they re opend. I find the file that was re opening them, i delete it, all seems fine. Then, a couple of days later, my computer gets f**kd up Couldent acces the internet couldent burn stuff. crappy performance, Couldent back up my game saves games include F.E.A.R. (finished that anyway so it didnt matter) Need for Speed: Most Wanted ( Got 50 percent done) Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory ( 5 Missions done - No big loss) The Movies
  11. Hello, i'm new here and just found the downgrade patch to version 1.0 (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to the person that made that) I was beginning to think i'd never be able to play MTA Anyway, now I can! and I cant WAIT! But, I have a problem. When I boot up MTA SA it loads the splash screen with the amusing message "Stop playing with yourself" And then nothing happens, SA does not run Yes I have tried holding control and selecting my game directory, the game works 100 percent in single player. (Altough i dont think i'll play single player again since i lost my 50 percent save file due
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