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  1. I did check out like two other topics with the same problems... I sent him the links to the provided solutions but according to him it was unsuccessful. Then he told me to make this post. I suppose I can ask him to try that stuff again. [EDIT] He says another error that pops up is: "ERROR: Loading mod (/root/mta/mta-blade/mods/deathmatch/deathmatch.so) failed!" [sOLVED] apparently another error he was getting contained "libsqlite3.so.0", so he just did: apt-get install libsqlite3-dev So I guess, "apt-get install libprce3 apt-get install libsqlite3-dev" is the fix for this thing.
  2. So basically, I don't really know anything about how to run a server, and I'm making this post for a friend. Anywho, the server OS is Debian 5 32bit, and when the mta-server is run, you get this: ./mta-server: error while loading shared libraries: libpcre.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory ./ Solutions from other threads have been tried, such as.. apt-get install libpcre3 ... what ever that means. Any helpful input would be appreciated, Thanks in advance, BladeArtist
  3. Show me the function that triggers your event, please. As far as I know, the problem is not this function here. Also, the semicolon( after givePlayerMoney() isn't necessary. Anyway, the function that triggers this event should be passing the parameter "killer", since you're using it in the handler. i.e. something like: triggerServerEvent("onZombieWasted", zombieElement, killer [, other parameters]) where "zombieElement" is defined within the scope of this event trigger, before you trigger it, as well as the "killer" variable (that being a player element). I would really have to see the r
  4. It works now. All I need to do is: setElementInterior(getLocalPlayer(), 14) -- clientside works just fine Strange, huh? Guess the camera can only show the interior your player element is in? And in this case, I don't really get what setCameraInterior() is even for. I would still like someone more familiar with the system to enlighten me a bit, but hey, it works. Thanks for the replies, guys, BladeArtist [sOLVED]
  5. Ah, my hypothesis would be correct then. Can I circumvent this or should I just ignore it? Yes, I did use it, this is the exact stuff I used: -- stuff fadeCamera(true) Dummy = createPed(34, 0, 0, 3) setElementInterior(Dummy, 14, 205, -165, 1000.6) setCameraInterior(14) setCameraMatrix(204, -165, 1001, 205, -165, 1001) K that wasn't EXACTLY what I had when I encountered the problem. I changed it to this, and what happens now is: - camera fades, it goes very dark - I see a faint ghost of a ped falling And if you check the wiki, in interior 14, at 205,-165,1000.5 there is a Ds clothe
  6. Alright, well, first of all: What RPG resource? And what login resource, for that matter? If this login resource utilizes the built-in accounts system, then the onPlayerLogin could work. You're right, it's a server event, so it wouldn't trigger anything client-side, however, you could trigger a client event on the RPG's server side script when a login occurs, and then only draw the GUI after the login has happened instead of "onResourceStart" or what ever. So for instance: RPG server code: function drawGUIOnLogin() triggerClientEvent("onPlayerLoginC", source) end addEventHandler("onPla
  7. Well, if you've read the GUI tutorials (on the wiki, see here and here), you know they add a "guiSetVisible(WindowElement, false)" at the end of the definition of the window, which is loaded when the resource starts. You can then toggle the visibility of the windows by using the same function (guiSetVisible). Is this something you've neglected, or are you for some reason going for another kind of solution? If so, could I have some more details about how you've set things up, so we can look at alternatives? [EDITed] Added links, fixed typo
  8. Ok, so basically I have this ped, with CJ's skin, in some kind of state of suspended falling just under the farm at 0,0,0. [situation updated a little bit, see below in [EDIT]] [update2: the ped mystery is solved, but the (offtopic) problem described under P.S. is still unsolved] [update3: it's all solved now, thx for the input ppl] screenie: At first I thought it was something I was doing wrong, but after turning off not only my own gamemode etc. I also turned off every non-essential resource, so in the end I only had: admin, ajax, resourcebrowser, resourcemanager and webadmin on, and
  9. LMAO Oh my god, lol, such a tiny mistake can make such a huge difference.. Laughed my ass off when I found it, it was in the .map file: <map> <spawnpoint id="initspawn" posX="0" posY="0" posZ="3" rot="0" model="0"/> <marker id="cops" posX="50" posY="0" posZ="20" r="0" g="0" b="255" /> <marker id="robbers" posX="-50" posY="0" posZ="20" r="255" g="0" b="0" /> <radararea id="initspawn" posX"0" posY="0" r="200" g="200" b="0" /> </map> fifth line, posX"0" Thanks for the help, guys. Mods may erase this thread for all I care. [EDIT] Well the
  10. Anyone? I must be misunderstanding the map system somehow, since I'm not getting the map data out of the file, or am I? I can't figure out where I'm going wrong.. Any takers? thanks [EDIT] outputChatBox(tostring(#spawnpoints)) prints out "0", so the table would appear to be empty, but why? [EDIT] Also did this: mapRoot = getResourceRootElement(startedMap) outputChatBox(tostring(mapRoot)) and it returns "userdata: 000000F3", so it's definately something, at least?
  11. Done. I'm getting "ERROR: ...er/mods/deathmatch/resources/cnr/server/gamemode.lua:62 attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'x' (a boolean value)" [EDIT - 15:11 UTC+2] The third argument is optional, but I just realized I DO need to have it. Changed to: executeSQLUpdate("accounts", "posX ='" .. x .. "', posY='" .. y .. "', posZ='" .. z .. "'", "name='" .. getPlayerName(source) .. "'") => I still get "Bad argument @ 'executeSQLUpdate' - Line: 179" Well I was hoping not to post ALL of my gamemode in public like this, but meh.. The function joinSpawn() is being called by my custom
  12. Hey, thanks for the quick reply. I'm getting "SERVER: DEBUG: loadMap - called" and "spawnpoints loaded", which obviously isn't actually happening ... because further in the program I do function joinSpawn(ply) outputChatBox("SERVER: DEBUG: joinSpawn - called") local x = getElementData(ply, "lastX") local y = getElementData(ply, "lastY") local z = getElementData(ply, "lastZ") if x and y and z then outputChatBox("Welcome back!", ply) fadeCamera(ply, true) spawnPlayer(ply, x, y, z+1) setCameraTarget(ply, ply) else outputChatBox("First time playing?", ply) for k,v in pairs(spawnpoints) do if
  13. [EDIT] Problem solved. Hey, Can you tell me what's wrong with this? [EDIT] This code below is outdated, changed code in follow-up posts function loadMap(startedMap) outputChatBox("SERVER: DEBUG: loadMap - called") local mapRoot = getResourceRootElement(startedMap) spawnpoints = getElementsByType("spawnpoint", mapRoot) local markers = getElementsByType("marker", mapRoot) local radarareas = getElementsByType("radararea", mapRoot) for k,v in ipairs(markers) do local marker = createMarker(getElementData(v, "posX"), getElementData(v, "posY"), getElementData(v, "posZ")) setMarkerColor(marker, g
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