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  1. Hey guys, Does anyone need an additional mapper? I prefer trying to map for 'Destruction Derby'. I would really like to start mapping again. I haven't played MTA since 2007 (when MTA: Blue came out) and it's really nice. Please drop a message or send me a PM. Thanks!
  2. Is there a rank script for MTA:SA? Like n00bie, godfather and shit..? Thanks
  3. Whats wrong with this script? Its supposed to be like this, i want if i say.. brb then it sets my status to brb in the ini and if i say back then it removes my status from the ini.... This is my code... but why it doesnt work? on *:SIGNAL:mta.text: { if ($3 == brb) { if ($readini($scriptdir $+ status.ini,players,$mta.nick($1,$2)) == BRB) { mta.pm $1 $2 Your status are already set to "Be right back!" } else mta.text $1 $mta.nick($1,$2) will be right back! $iif($4,Reason: $4-) mta.pm $1 $2 Your status have been set to "Be right back!" !writeini -n status.ini Players $mt
  4. Does anyone has a working !kill script for MTA:SA? (So i can kill players by typing !kill ?) Thanks!
  5. I want that if i type !admins then it says: the online admins ... I have the script already for that. its under this... and the the level behind it so like ..... Online Admin(s) : Recon (Level: 10) elseif ($3 == !admin) || ($3 == !admins) { var %aa = 0,%bb,%cc,%dd while (%aa <= $mta.server($1).cmax) { if ($readini($scriptdir $+ admin.ini,ADMIN,$mta.nick($1,%aa)) >= 2) { if (!%bb) %bb = $mta.nick($1,%aa) elseif ($numtok(%bb,32) <= 7) %bb = %bb $mta.nick($1,%aa) elseif (!%cc) %cc = $mta.nick($1,%aa) elseif ($numtok(%cc,32) <=
  6. How can i make a script that when i type this ingame: /test it will say: Testing a script? so with the / instead of a ! ... is it possible and how? Thanks!
  7. How i turn off respawn in my server config? Or what i need to do to disable respawn? and no shit like "Its already in some maps" READ my question. Thanks.
  8. What fucking idiot is gonna try that
  9. Disregard that, those scripts work perfectly. Test them yourself if you dont believe me. Or your just so noob u cant get the scripts to work. If you dont believe those work then PM me and ill show you on my server. EDIT 2: MOTHERFUCKER. Stealing my code and putting it in yours? Then giving it to someone else and saying its buggy and giving me the shit? Thanks a lot! EDIT 3: You probally dont understand scripting language, thats why u call them buggy
  10. Does anybody have a GetID script for MTA:SA? Like i type: !id Recon then it says: Recon's ID: 0 or something? Thanks!
  11. Those are not mine, so dont credit me for this Create those files and load them in with the mIRC admin. Filename: addcom.mrc Description: Addcom Script Commands: !addcom - !remcom - !listcom alias check.com { unset %check var %a = 2 while (%a <= $lines(addcom.ini)) { if ($gettok($read(addcom.ini, %a),1,$asc(=)) == $4) { set %check $calc(%check + 1) } !inc %a } } alias check.com2 { unset %check var %a = 2 while (%a <= $lines(addcom.ini)) { if ($gettok($read(addcom.ini, %a),1,$asc(=)) == $3) { set %check
  12. Anybody has a DM Script for me? So i can use it? Not PRS. But the code itself. So i can change the mode to DM and then who last survives wins. Like the maps with no rs.. Is this possible, or is there a script for this anybody can give me? Thanks!!
  13. on *:SIGNAL:mta.kill: { !writeini -n new-stats.ini kills $mta.nick($1,$2) $calc($readini($scriptdir $+ new-stats.ini,kills,$mta.nick($1,$2)) +1) mta.pm $1 $2 You have now $readini(new-stats.ini,kills,$mta.nick($1,$2)) } Whats wrong with this thing?
  14. Hey guys... This is my code: But now i get this: Police Officer Recon is chasing Wizkid ! Wang Cars The suspect was last seen at: Wang Cars But i want it like this: Pollice Officer Recon is Chasing Wizkid ! The Suspect was last seen at: Wang Cars Can somebody fix this code for me? Im making it for MTA:SA Race Version Thanks!!!
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