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  1. Whene ever i open my MTA it opens it with the 800X600 resolution, a rather small screen, And i change the settings to 1360X1280 As my screen, And it says i need to re-open MTA for it to apply, i close MTA, and re-open it, and its back to 800X600, I Want to use MTA at full screen and nothing works, Not even alt+enter. I Dont know if it has anything to do with it but whene i do it , windows vista says that the color system of vista changed to vista premium and will go back to normal whene the "mta" Program will be closed.. I Need help please.
  2. Hi, i wanted to Add Doors and stuff into an LSPD interior.. and im useing MTA Deathmatch.. and then i figgured... How i do that?/ Iv Always mapped outside things.. never had an Inside one, Soo i need help. if you can be spesific and very explainfull because im a hard understanding. Thanks in advance.
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