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  1. What's unrealistic about it?
  2. Ouch, well hopefully someone will like my idea enough to make it happen.
  3. Will it be a coding tool or more of a physical tool like the map editor(drag and drop).
  4. I was fooling around with SA-MP yesterday playing cops and robbers wtih people and it gave me an idea. What if you could start a "chase mode" by driving behind someone and flipping the siren on? The person your trying to chase could have the option to accept or not accept. After that you'd have a certain amount of time to kill the suspect in front of you. If that is possible then how about this. Every other person in a police vehicle can join a chase by flairing their siren at the same suspect. This would be a lot of fun especially if you have a car with 3 other passengers helping you
  5. How about having the ability to break your teammates out of jail?
  6. This is a question for those who have played MTA and SA-MP. I'm specifically talking about the weapon sync.
  7. I was playing SA-MP the other day and noticed how bad the sync was, maybe it had a lot to do with everyone pinging over 150 and I was around 50ms. Anyways, is the sync in MTA going to be better than SA-MP?
  8. I'm too lazy to make maps. I'm just throwing these out there and hopefully someone who does make maps will like one of the ideas and bring it to life, that's really the whole point of this thread.
  9. I got an idea for a fun race. A foot race around the bases of a baseball field with 1 monster truck trying to kill everyone.
  10. this is a really good idea
  11. Can you make it possible to disable? It's hard to look through the list of races while it keeps being bumped by new console text.
  12. Here's some ideas I had in another thread: A)This is for destruction derby modes where you have to be the last one alive. After your car gets blown up you're on foot and have to look for weapons while avoiding the other cars or other people on foot who have weapons. You can also get a car back by jacking it from someone. Think of how much fun that would be with a 20+ people! B)How about a mode where there's only 1 car and everybody else is on foot and your in sort of a bull ring. All the people have bats and can try to destroy the car while it's trying to run everyone over. You can't tell m
  13. I get the same problem and MTA 1.0 used to work perfect.
  14. Sorry I'm new to MTA and haven't been following it's progress too closely. Where are the DM screenshots? I'm just throwing ideas out maybe not for the development team but for map creators.
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