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  1. san andreas is still GTA3 technically... multiplayer will be in GTA4.. and even then its not a gurantee, theres also a chance that they'll save multiplayer for an Online-only GTA game
  2. im not talking about driving. im talking about walking around.. i like running around using the classic scheme, but when it gets down to being a sharpshooter, nothing is better than the keyboard mouse combo.. i was just hoping they could make a hotkey which would quickly switch between the two, since the game is in multi mode and you wouldnt be able to take the time to go through the menu (at least not without dying)
  3. yeah... does that X 1 thingy indicate the amount of kills? and does the kill system work correctly?
  4. im guessing it depends on how today's test went
  5. make an image gallery html file, and then link us to that
  6. can you just post like 20-30 good screens on a site? 28 megs to see some screens is a bit excessive, and the file wont even download because it says network is too congested
  7. umm.. can you guys make a hotkey for switching control schemes? i prefer running around and such with the classic control scheme (usually with my controller) but when it comes to mowing down people by foot i use standard controls... its a wonder that Rockstar didn't sort of merge both control schemes by basically keeping the control scheme like classic with the arrow keys for movement, and WASD for use of standard controls with the mouse...
  8. two things.. can you make it so that the arrow keys still work for movement? and secondly, will a gamepad user still be able to use his controller if you disable the keyboard keys? i like using my gamepad/classic controls combo for driving around, and non-sniper like missions
  9. on a related note, id also like to know if game time is synched.. this one shouldnt be hard to do, right?
  10. i know you showed the screenshot of the bridge which moves up and down.. im just wondering if it has been synched between the 2 PCs or if it is even possible?
  11. if it doesn't require both, rockstar will have big problems with it i assure you
  12. some people told me they saw it on shelves yesterday
  13. man, talking about warez in high profile forums like this is a big no-no. anyways, im not an expert at this, but i have a strong feeling a multiplayer mod for GTA VC will come out sooner rather than later for VC, as the game afaik uses a similar engine in terms of game mechanics.
  14. guys, there IS no multiplayer in VC or else we would have heard of it.. you guys are taking this line out of context... "Rather than just throw something in to sell a few copies Rockstar's challenging themselves to design a multiplayer experience that's as solid as the single player game" what he is saying is rockstar WILL NOT put a half assed multiplayer in GTA VC.. and when they DO put multiplayer in a GTA game, it will be kick ass.. in otherwords, as was originally stated when GTA3 came out.. multiplayer is being saved for GTA4 (which is in early development, perhaps for next gen systems like PS3).. thats the only way it can make a bigger splash than GTA3 and VC already have made.. and in the meantime there will probably be one more non-multiplayer GTA3 based game which is based in "San Angeles" and even this game aparently they are going to tweak a lot of things because they are going to release this baby in 2004, which is a longer space than between GTA3 and VC
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