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  1. After a short but successful beta test we have decided to release our latest version of Multi Theft Auto. Our latest release will bring a series of new bug fixes and tweaks as well as several new features. Here are some of our latest additions: Custom weapon statistics that will allow total control over weapons and their functionality. Light-Sync syncing method which will optimize the server bandwidth usage and allow even higher player counts. Customizable vehicle variants meaning that you can now spawn vehicles with different parts attached. Ability to replace weapon and pedest
  2. First post updated as we have made it to the top 100 mods of 2011! Please go to http://mtasa.com/moddb/ and vote AGAIN.
  3. It's once again that time of the year when ModDB starts the annual Mod of the Year awards. Last year MTA did very well and we got the 4th place almost reaching the well deserved place as a Top 1 mod, the last year's great success has motivated us during the whole year and is also a reason why we are going to try even harder this year. This is where you come in, we would like to ask you to go and vote for MTA to be the next Mod of the Year! Voting for MTA is very easy and won't take long. It is preferred that you register / login with a ModDB account before voting for us as votes from regis
  4. The final MTA 1.1 beta test coming up TONIGHT @ 19:00 UK Time (See current time in London: http://tinyurl.com/3uazq75 ). If everything goes well in this final beta test, we will release MTA 1.1 shortly after. The official beta test irc channel is: #mta-pubtest @ irc.gtanet.com and will be used for sharing build and server details so make sure to join! - MTA Team
  5. Due to the fact that voice branch was finally merged to trunk today (meaning: we have push-to-talk voice support in 1.1), we are going to host a small (~32 player) beta test TODAY @ 21:00 UK Time (Google: "Time in london") Note: In order to participate this test, You Must have a microphone and Must use it. Text chat will only be accessible using the 'say' command in the console! Join #mta-pubtest @ irc.gtanet.com for build & server related information. This Topic can be used for posting crash dumps and bugs. Edit: The test is now over! Thank you for testing! We found alot of bugs and a
  6. Here's a summary of what happened: 20:00 Server open for public. 20:03 125 players in-game. 20:06 190 players in-game. 20:08 100 players timed out. 20:10 - 20:18 Server @ around 170-200 players, alot of crashing, desync, etc. 20:19 Server restarted with a new max player limit of 140 players. 20:21 Server restart had automatically started votemanager resource which enabled someone to vote race mode. 20:22 Server running freeroam again, things cooling down. 20:22 - 21:47 Server running freeroam, good ping, good fps and everything seemed to work smoothly. 21:47 Server shutdown, beta ove
  7. As the release of Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.1 is closing we have decided to hold an official beta test today August 3rd 2011 @ 19:00 GMT (20:00 UK Time) Official beta test IRC channel will be the usual (#mta-pubtest @ irc.gtanet.com) and it will be open for public about an hour or two before the test starts. In order to participate the test, you must join this IRC channel as the beta build download link(s) as well as server details will be released there. ps. Remember to follow our twitter @ http://twitter.com/#!/MTAQA as well as this topic for more info! - The MTA Team. Edit: The t
  8. Yes, since you already have the .map file. (included to default server package)
  9. By me ofc. and yes, it is made with MTA's Lua.
  10. This has already been made. (Gamemodes: zm_infection and zm_survival = Done.)
  11. MeKorea


    2. 3. and 4. can be made in server that doesnt have "Anti-Cheat" enabled. Why not to make "letter objects" just like repair, nitro and car change? Meaby SDK? lol, thats not really needed.. Infact, that "Dont stop mission" thing is pretty good idea but "cant get out of the car" is Not..
  12. Lol?? It has nothing to do with the servers.. And why would you like to have "no-collisions"? You would not be able play at all if there wouldnt be eny collisions, because everything would drop through the surface immediately and allso everything would get "stuck" there, under the ground.
  13. Yes, just like you can make new vehicle categorys by editing or creating new ".vehicles" list file in: "...\MTASA\mods\map_editor\vehicles" (i made new "Custom cars" category for my reskinned ect. modifided cars..) -------------------------------------------- Map objects can be found from: "...\MTASA\mods\map_editor\objects" -------------------------------------------- "16771 des_savhangr [16771]" ID DFF Name ID
  14. You know why? because editing handling.cfg file is no longer possible.. Noobs know how to use "--------".. and they do because its the only way.. In MTAVC there wasnt so many of these "--------" because handling modificating ect. was possible.. And noobs didnt know / have the knoledge how to modificate handling.cfg, so they didnt cheat.. (there was cheaters in mtavc too, but not so many and not so many "noob cheaters" like in mtasa.)
  15. I would like to do something like this too.. but didnt get camhack working.. ps. I dont see eny other reason why mta team has blocked Atl+Tab than pissing off a normal players, because disabling atl+tab doesnt prevent eny cheating & stuff like that..
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