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  1. Aeron this might help I added an echo line (line 22 below) in mta.mrc to debug: 21: !writeini -n $+(",$scriptdir,%a,.ini") $bvar(&a,%b) Nicks 1 22: echo ID: $bvar(&a,%b) b = %b c = %c b + 8 = $calc(%b + c - b - 8: $calc(%c - %b - 23: !writeini -n $+(",$scriptdir,%a,.ini") $bvar(&a,%b) Nick1 $+(",$bvar(&a,$calc(%b + ,$calc(%c - %b - ).text,") And got the following output on connect: ID: 0 b = 66 c = 87 b + 8 = 74 c - b - 8: 13 ID: 10 b = 88 c = 103 b + 8 = 96 c - b - 8: 7 ID: 5 b = 104 c = 124 b + 8 = 112 c - b - 8: 12 ID: 2 b = 125 c = 147 b + 8 = 133 c - b - 8:
  2. Aeron, thanks for the reply. I had a feeling that's what was happening... I'm not sure what was the problem.. I'll try to debug by having mIRC spit out the raw data for usernames and see if I can't pin down the error... I did notice that a fairly normal name "Sampson" or something got lost a few times (found by comparing the ID to the remote admin nick list). I'm going to try running mIRC on the same machine as the MTA server itself and see if that helps at all. Besides reconnecting, is there any way to ask the server to send the nicklist or the maplist? If so we could have mtama request t
  3. Hi, I'm trying to get mta:ma 4.14 working, but I'm having a lot of problems that didn't occur in the previous release. I'm getting a writini error (insufficient parameters) on line 22 of mta.mrc This is the line is trying to pass: !writini 1.ini (userid) nick1 (username) But since the error is insufficient parms, either the userid or username cannot be found in the data sent from the server. Am I experiencing packetloss? The problem is that since the username isn't found, when $mta.nick is called for that userid, it sends an a2a BROADCAST "LOSTNICK" message. However, some users have been
  4. It's the gamersedge.org server Still haven't figured the map out yet though. It's only 4 of those stunt ramps things for 32 people = 128 objects and then the 32 spawn. Really shouldn't be too intensive, I've played maps with a lot more objects in a small area. I will, however, try shortening the course by removing the first objects... Might help. It might also be worth a shot to spread out the courses... Thanks for the tips.
  5. [edited] Whups. This was definately suppposed to be under a different thread
  6. I got this a few times by alt-tabbing during the intro movies. Not sure if it was the intro to the game or the nvidia ad... Either way when I alt tabbed back I saw both mta and single player options. I didn't try loading any games, the system was pretty unusable, so I just shut it down.
  7. Everything appears to be in the limits: Entry Info Nodes: 258/2300 (11%) Pointer node single links: 49381/70000 (70%) Pointer node double links: 594/3200 (18%) So it's close on the single links... but not over. The text is still white.
  8. A map was submitted to our server that I actually quite enjoy. However, two out of three times it crashed (to desktop) every client attached to the server around 10-30 seconds into the race. The server was not affected. The map is basically a motocycle balance race over water, so my only guess is that clients don't like everyone drowning at once. I just wanted to pass this to anyone who might tell me what's wrong and if there's anything to be done to fix this. Here is a link to the map and here it is in txt format (for browsers) Here is a screenshot of the map:
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