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    MTA racing how is it?

    I have to disagree to some extent here.. although I think that the method used to limit FPS is clever, it still doesn't solve all the advantages of having a better computer than the other guy. I've totally fixed my computer, its above average specifications, and the game flows perfectly. But I have seen one or two people who still seem to have an advantage in accelleration. No jerkiness either.
  2. Heh, I think I was wrong about that dodgy process at start up that was causing all the lag. I removed it again using System Mechanic and it hasn't returned. But the lags still there. I'm going to format my system and keep it as healthy as I can, which will be a lot easier now with mechanic. I think I've had a virus or something in the past which has screwed up something in windows. I've obviously got rid of the virus now, but most likely whatever it screwed up is un-repairable. System Mechanic also told me that there are Errors in my Hard Drive. So i'm just backing stuff up onto my last DV
  3. Ok, I got recomended a program called System Mechanic. It analyses your system and finds out and solves exactly what is going wrong. It's split up into different sections (Clutter, Speed, Security, Fitness etc etc). After using the program to it's fullest potential, everything seemed fixed. The game was running like a dream. However, after ONE race, it seemed to revert back to normal and lag like hell. I checked System Mechanic and it showed Speed back as 'Poor'. It said that a process at windows startup was causing considerable performance loss. It said this before, but I had already removed
  4. Done, but AA was already turned off in SA, the problem still exists.
  5. Ok, I can't seem to disable AA and AF, all I've been able to do is set them to Minimal 2X... Heres a picture of the setup box: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v620/Jakkk/atisetup.jpg
  6. It's strange but since I got the windows update drivers instead of the ATI website ones, my graphics control panel seems to have completely disappeared Edit: Uninstalled the drivers and installed the orginal ones with CD, came with the ATI control center. Updated drivers. Checking the the AA and AF thing now
  7. Yes, the lag only occurs when there are a few people near me/ on my screen. It all works ok when I am on my on, just jolts every now and then. However, all the ones that zoom off have the same amount of people on the screen, so any lag I am getting must be much more severe than theres. I've tried many times on lower resolution, and it makes very little difference for some reason. Sorry, I don't know what AA or AF is, or how to check it
  8. Sorry, didn't see the second post. How do I check the event log? Also I've been playing a few other games and getting lag again.. Although MTASA is the most effected game, there really must be something wrong with my computer. Like error404 said, I really shouldn't be having these problems with my system, and after carrying out all the steps I have done it should be fine but isn't.. There must be something going wrong somewhere, I just can't figure it out. I don't want to have to format my computer again.. It's getting tiring having to format every few months because something goes wrong.
  9. Nope, nothing has really changed at all. It's just been gradually getting worse. And PCs not overclocked
  10. Ok, drivers updated according to windows update.
  11. Hmm, windows update and device manager couldn't find a driver for it. Should I uninstall my current one and try again?
  12. This is all the information about my ATI drivers: The game works perfect in single player mode, never any lag and it's been happening for a couple of weeks now. I've taken a quick video of what happens at the start of the races - the most effected area. It moves a bit slow, but not as slow as the video shows. Just fraps slowed it down a bit. Also the video settings are medium here, as i've said I've tried it on minimal settings and it makes no difference. Just hurts my eyes http://media.putfile.com/HmmLag
  13. Done all that, still getting same outcome. Although I think the regedit might have improved lag slightly. Alright, At start of race when everyone zooms off its around 5-8. During the rest of the race when there aren't too many players on the screen, its around 15-18. Jumped up to 20 when I went through a tunnel.
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