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  1. aw okay,, well thanks for the help !
  2. hello ppl ! i have a quick question about createWater.. i'm trying to create a surface of water in the air (not really big) so i created 4 markers at each end of the square, and filled the cordinates in the script: createWater(4745,-1735,441,4685,-1737,441,4688,-1817,441,4746,-1816,441) but nothing apears.. the script loaded though is it possible that you can't create water outside of the map ?
  3. Pinda

    Restore a map

    Hello ! i got a little problem and i dont know how to fix it ! i was starting a new map, but i accidentaly saved it on my map that was almoast finished ! is there any way to restore the map i overwrited ? Thnx in advance !
  4. http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... sa#p280260 COUGH & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5jKrw7a ... re=related
  5. Jep there already is one. and press CTRL+X (or wazevah your hotkey is) to go to the ingame browser so you dont have to minimize your GTA/MTA Game.
  6. do you actually know what to do with that script karlis made for you ?
  7. but i dont want it to rotate, I just want that it is tilted
  8. Pinda

    moving object

    maybe i need to write out the lines (0.000000)
  9. Pinda

    moving object

    yes i know its weird and if i use the cordinates ingame it dont rotates but it is in a wrong position, if you want i can make a screen
  10. Pinda

    moving object

    ja hij gaat omhoog en omlaag zoals het hoord maar hij draaid rondjes en dat hoord niet
  11. Pinda

    moving object

    zoals ik de cordinaten nu heb, gaat hij rondjes draaien, maar dat wil ik helemaal niet en ik snap het ook niet want in moveObject zijn de rotatecordinaten het zelfde als in createObject
  12. Pinda

    moving object

    i dont want it to rotate, i want it in a certain position
  13. Pinda

    moving object

    it works, but i have problems with the rotation cordinats:( should i get it from the .map file ? i now have 4729, 463.294220, -1991.257324, 6.6171760, 0, 0, 110.007896665118 the map file give other cordinates then ineditor <object posX="479.228333" posY="-1991.240234" posZ="6.620041" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="110.007896665118" model="4729" id="object6" />
  14. Pinda

    moving object

    function resource_starts () object1 = createObject ( 4729, 463.294220 -1991.257324 6.617176 ) move1_1 () end addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(), resource_starts ) function move1_1 () moveObject ( object1, 5000, 463.294220 -1991.257324 10.267131 ) setTimer ( move1_2, 10000, 1 ) end function move1_2 () moveObject ( object1, 5000, 463.294220 -1991.257324 6.617176 ) setTimer ( move1_1, 10000, 1 ) end /debugscript 3 sais : kutbord.lua:2: ')'expected near '6.617176 but i already have ) near 6.617176 ?
  15. thaaanks het werkt
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