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    handling driveType: 'rwd', 'fwd' или 'awd'.
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    local text = guiGetText( yourGuiElement ); if ( text:find( "@" ) ) then outputChatBox( "contains @" ); else outputChatBox( "contains none " ); end Also you can use pregMatch functions. UPD:
  3. Можно через вращение компонентов либо замены другого транспорта SWAT например или пожарной машины, у них есть крутящаяся турель.
  4. Hi everyone, a long time ago (novermber 2018) i started making new project called MTA Racing. This project has an own unique atmosphere legendary games such as: NFS Underground 1/2 + Midnight Club games series by Rockstar games. I am a big fun of it and we started implement it, but this project has status abandoned in april 2019. But right now i decided to finish it in free time. Now i gonna tell you more info about this. Features: Custom mapping around Los Santos, 70% remake. Custom race tracks. Tuning: Spoilers Front/Rear/Side bumbers Neon Lights Windows tinting Race modes: Circluit Sprint URL Speedtrap Top Time Drift Street-X Drag Vehicles: BMW M3 Camaro SS Audi TT Mercedes AMG Subaru Impreza Lexus IS 300 Nissan Skyline R34 Toyota Supra Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Dodge Viper 2018 Lamborghini Huracan Mercedes E63 Audi R8 Custom OST: 60+ songs (via stream) Languages (You can send me your language and i gonna add it) Russian English Now i gonna show you some screenshots: Relase date: N/A Groups: VK: Facebook: Discord: I don't have so much time to finish it. Any ideas/feedback/support will be appreciated. Thank you MTA Community and everyone.
  5. It's private. I need test it more properly before adding pull request.
  6. I implemented it in another project. Changing ColModels/Building limits working perfectly with MTA. But i don't tested it with engine functions.
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    GTA:SA Radar-merger

    Hi everyone. I just wanna present my script called "radar-merger". I made this script for another project. It uses node js and "combine-tiles" package. It merge every tile .png file into one combined file in gta:sa radar format. Here is GitHub link to project + instruction. GitHub:
  8. @IIYAMA It cause another problem with render events, it starts call from end (which is not needed to us, because dx render events has "layers" and you need to call from 1 to table lenght) If you're using table.remove function, everything should work fine after remove item from table. Let me explain: local a = {}; local func = function() end; a[ #a + 1 ] = func; for i = 1, #a do if a[ i ] == func then table.remove( a, i ); end end print( #( a ) ); -- 0 table.remove safely remove item from table, it's not contains a [1] index with nil value, it's clear Proof: local a = {}; local func = function() end; a[ #a + 1 ] = func; for i = 1, #a do if a[ i ] == func then table.remove( a, i ); end end print( #( a ) ); -- 0 local func = function() end; a[ #a + 1 ] = func; print( #( a ) ); -- 1 Another example: local a = { 1, 2 }; local func = function() end; a[ #a + 1 ] = func; for i = 1, #a do if a[ i ] == func then table.remove( a, i ); end end print( #( a ) ); -- 2 local func = function() end; a[ #a + 1 ] = func; for i = 1, #a do if a[ i ] == func then table.remove( a, i ); end end print( #( a ) ); -- 2 And finally (shows how another items is reordered): from { [1] = 1, [2] = func, [3] = 2} -> {[1] = 1, [2] = 2} local func = function() end; local a = { 1, func, 2 }; print( "before", #a ); -- 3 for i = 1, #a do if a[ i ] == func then table.remove( a, i ); end end print( "after", #a ); -- 2 test here:
  9. Problem resolved. Thank you so much. (incorrect net module throw the problem, maybe old version idk)
  10. I just run after compile ./
  11. VM: Virtual Box Error name: Segmentation fault OS: Debian 9.9 (x64) RAM: 1.7GB CPU: 2 Version: MTA version r16569 (stable) (failed in another versions HEAD/etc) Additional: i had the same error using Docker with "ubuntu" image. Task: Just need to compile a custom MTA server. ================ Debian 9.9 (compile MTA SA r16569) gcc version: 6.3.0-18+deb9u1 Dump log: Backtrace (using gdb mta-server64): Dump: ================ Debian 8.11 (compile MTA SA r16569) gcc version: 4.9.2-10+deb8u2 Dump log: Backtrace: Dump: ================ Debian 9.9 (compile MTA SA HEAD) gcc (updated) Dump log: Backtrace: Dump: UPD: Stable version r16569 (from works well. This error affects only on self-compiled version. UPD2: starting mta-server64 with -n flag doesn't help.
  12. Link: I think it should be useful for everyone.
  13. You can also add this in top of the script, it should increase performance. local unpack = unpack; local len = table.getn; -- instead of #, you can't # make as local variable. Here is an updated version:
  14. Надо камеру за пределы СА переместить во время замены моделей. Тут можно увидеть пример:
  15. Используйте interpolateBetween либо Lerp (ищите в интернете реализацию).
  16. Ну дак ты создаешь машину перед тем как проверить на наличия (аккаунта в acl.xml) в группе админа. Нужно проверять на наличие в группе ДО создания машины.
  17. setElementData привязан к элементу, очищать не нужно. Хотя если setElementData использовать на root, тогда нужно вручную удалять. (Сохраняется дата, даже если перезапустить ресурс)
  18. Портал Gamevs это игровые проекты: - RP BOX - MTA Oblivion Lost - GTA Race - и многие другие Нам требуются Lua скриптеры. Опыт работы в сфере MTA:SA будет большим плюсом. Зарплата выше средней по рынку, определится по результатам собеседования. В теме письма укажите "Работа". Мы также приглашаем к сотрудничеству различные проекты. В теме письма укажите "Сотрудничество". Ваши резюме отправляйте на почту (UPD: 08.01.19): Желаем вам удачи на собеседовании!