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  1. https://community.multitheftauto.com/in ... ls&id=7883 Original: https://community.multitheftauto.com/in ... ls&id=7880 DONE
  2. Use the search Function or read the forum? Seriously, 8 posts later, we can see a post titled "Open MTA:DayZ - Open Source MTA:DayZ"...
  3. Hello, Here is a resource I made in 2011, which was running on SoH Server (DD/DM server run by Killerbee_x) when it was still alive. As the server is dead, I release the source to the community. It allows to edit teams and can replace autoteams resource (which had no GUI). Works great with all kind of servers (Race/DD/DM, etc.) F3 to open/close the window. Load button will clear the list and load the teams from the XML file (server-side) Save button will overwrite the server xml file with the content of the grid. Download here: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources
  4. Hello, I wanted to release an old resource i made 2 years ago for SoH Server, it's an autoteams GUI basically, playing with xml functions. Some guys posted it on community without asking my permission. Thanks for deletion: https://community.multitheftauto.com/in ... ls&id=7768 https://community.multitheftauto.com/in ... ls&id=7101 DONE
  5. Hey, where did you get my script? I never released it. It was made for an exclusive usage by SoH server (SoH = Soldiers of Hell) run by Killerbee_x. Anyway, go learn scripting.
  6. With the many questions you asked me and many answers i gave you, I think I deserve at least 1$ per script hahahaha no i'm just kidding. You know i'm an open-source developer and as i haven't script in lua for months now, i think you beat me Good luck with your market my friend
  7. Updated: UI simplified (options are in a second tab)
  8. Easy: compare x and x2 values with abs (so you won't have problem whereever you are) if math.abs(x2) > math.abs(x) then local tempx = x2 x2 = x x = tempx end if math.abs(y2) > math.abs(y) then local tempy = y2 y2 = y y = tempy end local width, height = math.abs ( x2 - x ), math.abs ( y2 - y )
  9. Hey, where did you steal this script? I'm just saying, because you are asking for a quite simple thing compared to what's in this script...
  10. My Gun iZ Better than yours I haz More functions but i dunno how to start it either.
  11. "Nice gun you have here kid. But having a gun on the street is prohibited in here." told me the policeman. And then they were drawing stuffs on the walls and dancing Finally, they came back to me and said: "Hey kid, what the f**k did you draw on the walls, you better clean it all or we'll have to arrest you!"
  12. Very nice tool. However, i don't read anything about how camera movements are saved/exported, i guess they're not. It would be great to generate lua code from it so we could integrate it in missions etc.
  13. Thanks Castillo If you used it already or when you'll use it, please report me if the GUI is cool or not, if i could make more simple, or if the colors stuffs are useless
  14. Hello, updated to 32bits (64 bits can run 32bits apps so it's not a problem).
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