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    People in my server have been complaining about lagging. This normally happens when around 5 people are in the server. I have a 1mb internet speed. How can I fix this problem?
  2. What do you mean by change the number of the vehicle. Could you please explain this to me?
  3. I know you can select the starting vehicle but this is for all spawn points. How can you have different starting vehicles for different spawn points? I have seen this done in a few maps but I don't know how you do it. Can anyone help me?
  4. i did that and nothing happened. Can anyone help me ? I want to know whether the host can do commands in aserver just like an admin would if he logged in without going off the game to use the command console.
  5. ty91

    ban problems

    but i am the host
  6. ty91

    ban problems

    How do you unban someone once they have been banned?
  7. the same sort of commands as he would give if he were using the MS Dos window.
  8. Is it possible for the host to give commands whilst in game?
  9. If I start my server then 'All Seeing Eye listing enabled...' does appear but when I went onto the game-monitor site it did not list my server.
  10. i thort it mite put it permanently on the master server list so I wouldn't have to be in it to run it all the time. I do have a life.
  11. i can not seem to get onto mta anymore but I do not know why. It comes up with an error saying 'Connecting... Error sending report! (parsing response failed)
  12. k will do that if i need help again
  13. but then only my friends will be able to connect.
  14. lol. yes i do have a lot of problems. But my friends can't see my server either and I have fowarded the ports required for ASE.
  15. Does that mean I have to leave my computer on all the time if I want to keep the server running and if the time comes for me to shut my computer down and there are a load of people in my server they will all get disconnected?
  16. So all a host can do is control the server, he can't actually play in it or command the game whilst in it?
  17. Is there a way for the host of a server to log into his own server just like an admin would using rcon_login? And is there a way a host can get into his own server by typing a command in the MS Dos window?
  18. I am the host of a server but when I shut the MS DOS window down the server shutsdown along with it. How do you kepp the server running after the host leaves it?
  19. I have activated ASE for my server but my server does not display under the browse server list. Could anyone help me here?
  20. ty91

    admin problems

    i dont need help nemor but thanx neway
  21. I want to make some people admins but I don't know how to. Is there anyone who can help me?