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  1. Hey some how i couldnt access the movie, but theres always a seocnd chance i didnt try second time lol like the first cops vs robbers video!
  2. As far as i know Mta:VC is a team match lol but only if the server owner or admins of the serevr agree to team deathmatch because they can kick you for team killing rofl But i understand this: I would like to see more friendly fire haha, sos not to kill your own team! and i would like to point out there are 100% mroe dmers then Rpg'ers mainly because theres sooo many n00bs on MTA they dont know what rpg is! its easy ot understand, its no killing
  3. Hey i just want to know the date that Mta blue VC comes out sorry if i posted in the wrong topic if i did sorry lol, but i was hoping to know when it comes out.
  4. Has mta blue gone? and the mta team dropped it for Mta sa? i've been hearing rumours thats all i heard....
  5. Love it mattewMc, took me a while to figure out what was going on then i got it!
  6. I love cops and robber chases! So thats what you can do in Sa?!! multi player, thats well cool! i didnt know that, love your cops and robebrs chase mattewMc!
  7. DMC-Terry

    Wu Zi Mu

    Is there a way to use custom skins in Mta 0.5? if there is i'd like to know how to do it!
  8. DMC-Terry

    The Chase

    Hey good stuff! mind if i add your work to Our DMC website?
  9. DMC-Terry

    I'm not cheating.

    OMG lol that post picture you attched, i connected to that server and got "Suspected trainer usage" I guess this means reinstalling Mta again! lol
  10. DMC-Terry

    I'm not cheating.

    Nope i get that all the time dude, but its absolotly fine! theres no need to reinstall because you can still start your game, its stange but luckly that you can start your game
  11. Lol i dont think hes coming back i have this error on mta, where its like a funny message but when you close mta and reload it its fine
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