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  1. if there is any cop or some gangs i wanna join i played alot mta and now im back
  2. Hello There. Well I Am The Leader Of The New Gang "The Israeli Mafia". We Are 5 Gang Members, We Gonna Get A Server And A Website Soon. Thats It.
  3. THE '50 POSTS RULE' IS NO LONGER IN EFFECT - UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE [EDIT BY XEROX]This thread is now sticky by request (sorry to those whose posts i deleted ). This thread is for GANG LEADERS to post their current memberlists if they choose to do so. You must have 6 members to post in here. If you have new members edit your existing post please =) [/EDIT BY XEROX] All gang leaders write your gang members here and the job for him!! ill start!! Red Dragon's : Nick/Name : Position : Weapon Killer2003 : leader : M16 TheBoolShit : Soldier : M16 Slayer : Right Hand : M16 KiwiMa
  4. write on the forum a request or talk to me in icq or msn messenger!
  5. killer2003

    East Side Gang

    talk to me in msn
  6. The gang red dragon's got a forum! http://members.lycos.co.uk/shaikkk8/ind ... 7cefdc0779 All get in and sign up!
  7. the thing that i can change paint, write on it, size, and all that stuff, plz, somebody can give me???
  8. if somebody want to he can join my gang, we will have : Soon Web Site A Server Gang Wars We Will be Signed Up In A Legue And Our Goal Is To Win The Battles if somebody wanna join tell me here or on msn messenger or icq BTW, All clan will have the same skin, we well have a simbule, and ill make pur gang a spiceal car...
  9. delet me, i dont wanna join......
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