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  1. Entire map-spanning Cops vs. Robbers maps with vehicles and weapons all over will be a thing of greatness, don't you think?
  2. Fixed some features that were added in version 1.1. There is now a 30 second respawn and the map will run for a maximum of 25 minutes if the server allows it to. If anyone currently is or wants to use this map often on their server, please drop me a message. I'd love to play it along with you and even show you a few things.
  3. Suilenroc


    The Panopitocon - 2:08:02 Sandking - 2:16:24
  4. I get that problem sometimes when I get a popup as I move something and MTA stubbornly refuses to minimize, but I don't think that's your problem.
  5. That's a bug. I think it has something to do with the sync lagging and vehicle pickups.
  6. 8147 This is nicely sized, though somewhat bigger than what you have for halfpipes currently. The only problems with this piece is that it's butt ugly and you can't select it by clicking on it, but the elements list is easy enough to use. I made a half pipe with this in about 10 minutes. The fence is see-though, but there are also solid beams you can line up easily. To make things much easier be sure to use CTRL + F9 to copy the object in the same location as well as SHIFT + MOUSE SCROLL to rotate objects in large increments (rotate 180 degrees to effectively mirror the fence on the other side and keep the same slope. Very useful after finishing one side of the halfpipe). That should help you line everything up easily.
  7. I suggest looking in the fences and barriers section under structures. There's alot of completely flat objects in there of various lengths.
  8. Suilenroc


    I seem to recall some missions in single player where NPCs were hanging on the side of helicopters shooting at you, so I imagine that it is possible with some time and work. As for toggling the allowance of drive/flybys, I think it might be better to specify it in the map files, if at all.
  9. Nice stunt map, but I keep hitting the edge of an object at the bottom of the half pipes. I think you should've used a different object to create the halfpipes.
  10. You kidding? What's more catchy than Casino Chase? It's got alliteration and everything!
  11. Sounds like a waste of time and I'd rather keep my MTA files seperate from the GTASA files.
  12. I don't really understand what you mean, but how about we settle this by playing Casino Chase?
  13. Well I was talking about Casino Chase. Were you talking about Smuggler's Run? Keep in mind that the Slam Van can go at a good speed and the race is very short. Also, in Casino Chase there's one hunter to every two runners.
  14. Cars can only outrun the hunters on long straightaways, and only a few of the cars are capable of that. I also designed it so the planes that could easily outrun the hunters are more difficult to get (notice that I put a nevada on the runway and rustler and dodo are in hangars). The majority of the games I've played end as a hunter win also, but the game can be very tense and exciting regardless. The most recent version of Casino Chase is on the [XE] race server now, along with many of my other maps.
  15. My Wayfarer has a minifridge mounted on the back. None of you can top that...