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  1. Note, you can use the "addaccount" command in the server console. That's what I was looking for, thanks. If I add the account, I become a guest. That's expected. How can I change the status to admin now? In acl.xml my account is still listed below group name Admin (also Console, but either of them or both of them still don't make me admin after logging in). I tried an SQLite viewer, but there's nothing about a user level in the internal.db. I'm not hosting a server or anything, I'd just like to use the console when I'm in the editor to quickly stop the editor and start the race resource, s
  2. The file is there, the account isn't. How can I edit internal.db?
  3. I see moving race pickups in the editor, that's nice! But when I try to test a race, the vehicles disappear. Is that a known bug? -edit- I suck. It appeared to be a spawnvehicle Another issue; something messed up the accounts. accounts.xml <accounts> <autologin>0</autologin> <account name="Console" password="" /> <account name="Chillosophy" password="something" ip="" /> </accounts> acl.xml <group name="Admin"> [cut] <object name="user.Chillosophy" /> </group> I can login, but I can't stop/start res
  4. wtfbbq. One second after I post this I find the answer: I created a shortcut to Multi Theft Auto.exe, set compatibility mode to "Windows XP". Now it boots up nicely! I cannot imagine I spend a week trying to figure this out. I hope this helps for others too
  5. Hi there, I searched a lot, but only found this same problem unanswered, or with an answer that doesn't work for me. The problem is that I can start the map editor, it starts downloading resources, but always stops loading somewhere. I'm using Windows XP 64bit. Here are the steps I've followed to install: I completely uninstalled everything MTA related, including the map "MTA" in the San Andreas game folder I started with r1365, but I've tried several others. For the latest attempt I've used r1421 With the installation options I've chosen "server+client" The installation map is "D:\Pr
  6. Sorry for the bump, but I kind of have the same problem. I cleared both folders mentioned, but the download still stops at a random point between 5kb and 250kb of 1,17MB. I've tried reinstalling everything (including GTA) a few times, nothing seems to help. It also doesn't seem to be firewall or antivirus-related. Disabling everything doesn't help. Any clues?
  7. The download was so slow I got an error message saying I need to download at least x bytes per second (I think 256 bytes/second). After a few tries I gave up. It really isn't my own internet connection that's causing this
  8. Because he just copypasted the very first scripting tutorial and changed the text "Welcome to My Server" to "ADD YOUR WELCOME HERE".
  9. I'm not trying to demotivate you, but this isn't a script. It's just one command that outputs text to the chatbox.
  10. I love to create maps, but it always takes a really long time to find some pieces that fit. That's not an MTA-problem ofcourse, but the objects San Andreas features are really hard to work with. Often I have to use some "filler objects" to make sure there are no gaps between the objects in use. For example, when I'm trying to create an island, I have to use large pieces of rock to glue the pieces together. Another example is with the halfpipe. There are two halfpipes in the object, the small one is slightly lower and the distance between the objects is very big, making it hard to use it. You
  11. A fresh install of GTA, and later MTA as well did the trick! First I tried to change some nVidia settings (forceware 93.71), no effect at all. Then I deleted gta_sa.set, no effect either. So a fresh install did the trick for me. I didn't use mods, so maybe it could have been the no-dvd crack, I'll try it with no-dvd crack later. First I'll go ingame for the rest of the evening
  12. None. I'll try to reinstall GTA, as well as try other nVidia drivers and see what happens. If it works I'll let you know
  13. I'm afraid not... Crashes reported there are in the menu and mostly for Vista. These crashes happen on connecting to a server. The second it connects it crashes.
  14. Add me to this list SA-MP, single player and MTA Race all work fine. I have no mods installed. Video card drivers already are older nVidia drivers, windows XP SP2, directx 9.0c, legal version of San Andreas, with a no-dvd patch though (no idea if that matters, it's still version 1.0). Also I've disabled all video options in MTA. OS: WinXP Professional 5.1 SP2 (Build #2600) CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2500+ (Barton) , 1.84 GHz, 512KB Video: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X (1440x900x32bpp 75Hz) Sound: C-Media Wave Device Memory: Used: 676/1792MB Specs are kind of crappy, but it should work
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