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  1. Can someone write me a good list of good cops 'n' roppers maps
  2. OK.. Where I can find races for this game?? Found already this site: http://center.mtasa.com/
  3. Hmm.. how I can switch to windows when I'm playing? And where can I find good cnR maps like cnR-pest... haven't found it anywhere
  4. Yes I know.. but now I can't use Admin and rcon huh?
  5. Now when I tried to start server it didn't open.. only this came: Server successfully started on port 22003 Type 'quit' to shut the server down [12:15:50] Server log being saved to 'mtaserver.log' [12:15:50] Administration access successfully started on port 44003 [12:15:50] All Seeing Eye listing enabled. Port 22126 (UDP) must be accessible from the internet [12:15:50] Querying game-monitor.com master server... [12:15:50] Connecting to update server... [12:15:50] Anticheat definition file updated! Edit: Put when I put AdminServer 0 then it starts.. whats wrong?
  6. I know that the server can be on without anticheat but it must be on
  7. Now this says that Your definitions might be out of date but the anticheat is on I think??
  8. "just look good" I've been trying couple of hours without any results
  9. http://www.mtavc.com/docu/index.php?tit ... ows_server <- This isn't helping me and can't find the answer from that page
  10. I've been trying to find it from there too..
  11. Hi, I've been trying to find an answer to this problem from this forum by using search and everything.. I found a couple forums that handles this problem but I didn't get this work.. now when I try to start MTA Server.exe it says like this: MTA:BLUE Server for MTA:SA ERROR: Server port must be a numerical value. (Port specified: 22003) CLOSE: Server stopped! Here's my mtaserver.cfg: # ServerPort # Required: Yes # Purpose: Defines the port for players to connect on # Format - ServerPort # Notes: # Must be a numerical value ServerPort 22003 # ServerName # Required: Yes # P
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