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  1. this works if u use the ASE server browser. if u dont expect to get alot of runtime errors. also, even when u do get it working, people are not active. iv been in every server loads and noone else has been moving or active, but there has been some irregular stuff like spinning flying cars 0_0.
  2. ok, i think i have it working now with ASE. i joined a server, and it said it had 6 people in it. there seemed to be a bunch of people bunch together on the corner of a building near the don's house where the mafia spawn, but these people only appeared on radar, and there were no people or cars where the radar said the bunch of people were. i then persuide another blip on the radar, which led me to portland harbour where someone was flying thru the air while spinning out of controll, and they were going backwards and forwards flying in the same area. noone has responded on any of the other ser
  3. so the fact that i dont hav ASE isnt the reason why i get the error: run time error 10047 address family is not supported how do i get rid of this error? cos otherwise i cant play
  4. ahhhhhhhhhhh im gettin really frustrated i read that link and understood it all up to the bit where he got the error. he said he refreshes in the ASE. whats the ASE, and do i need to donwload that sepereately?? cos i cant find a box with refresh. he then said another box came up. ok now im realllllllllly confused at this point. under send request on any box i load up it sais idle - no connection or something..... someone please help
  5. ok, i start up mta launch thingy, i then go to gta3mta bit. once iv clicked that box, gta3 loads up, and so does a new interface, this sais loading. i then go back into the game, then go start game, then click: start multhi theft auto. then the credits roll up. then when i mimize i go to the inferface again and it sais on foot. i click send request and i get that runtime 10057 error some family something error. what do i do then?? it wont let me click start or refresh because those also give me runtime errors. someone help, and that link is comufsing, i didnt get a word said on it.
  6. but its the best so far.......... and the best there is gunna be untill 0.3b of mta is released, or another ggm is released.
  7. ggm gta is competition, as at the moment, it is the only fully functional mutliplayer gta3 with walking and shooting. Of course if 0.3b does come out anytime soon, gta3 fans will be using ggm, and the ggm will gain more users as time goes on..............unless mta release something soon
  8. the second time u got into a taxi, i saw that u got into the back............so passengers are enabled? more than one person can be in a car at a time? it just depends on what door u face? and were the mafia vehicles behaving odd because they were at a spawn point??? but why have a car spawn point???/
  9. gamespy is good.....which is why it costs money.........it runs faster than ASE and is more reliable........... but of course we all know mplayer was the best
  10. he is working on another version of his multi theft auto. the version he has currently released is only 0.1a he is expecting to create many mods for the game, just like mta is trying to do...............................if mta does come out this millenium...... jus' kiddin'
  11. this ggm thing is fairly old, but it still very good. its only in 0.1 beta, and it has exceeded to do what mta has tried so hard to do. and all that with just one guy. i think 0.3b mta will be better, if it has respawning and is faster, with the gmm gta multiplayer, people seem to hover. so i will play gmm until .3 mta is out, then play the next ggm wen it comes out.
  12. tanks are not going to be synced?? so, no army wars or nuttin? ahh, but wudnt it be funny to say to a clan, wed giv u a RC Car race (remote controlled car race) and then turn up in tanks? MUAHHAHA RC CAR RACE!??!?!? thats an idea! oh and bout the first post in this thread, about people using the same skin. surely people can see others in game skins, just put an arrow above their head or something. using the same skin will get boring.
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