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  1. Can someone tell me if it is possible to make a script so you can enter and shoot out of the back of the cargobob? If so, could you point me in the right direction as to what functions to use? Regards, Cozza
  2. Okay, so here's my code: privategatesphere = createColSphere ( 1394, -2438, 14, 12 ) privateGate = createObject(16773, 1393.1313476563, -2438.46875, 16.553903579712, 16, 0, 270) function openprivateGate() if (getPlayerFromName("crwblyth" or "XxHEWESxX")) then moveObject(privateGate, 7000, 1390.3840332031, -2438.361328125, 20.691507339478) end end function closeprivateGate() if (getPlayerFromName("crwblyth" or "XxHEWESxX")) then moveObject(privateGate, 7000, 1393.1313476563, -2438.46875, 16.553903579712) end end addEve
  3. It wasn't a request. I heard that a few months back it was in development, hence I asked whether it had been completed. Perhaps this was unclear. Why are all of you MTA'ers so uptight? Relax a little. I do not know LUA and nor do I intend on learning it. Have a little respect please? All I asked for is whether one existed.
  4. Has anyone made a resource for traffic and peds all over SA? Been waiting for this for months
  5. You think i havent seen it before? I mean it would only be good if you got to see them, that could be some man putting on a voice.
  6. Yes, but like i said I have posted this on several websites and recieved these messages, this was my first creation in VB and it saves navigating to websites and opening command prompt to go on ipconfig.
  7. Try spacebar with the andromada
  8. Hmm, i fail compared to yours... make me a template?
  9. Well, here is my attempt: SO FAR! http://cozza.bhd-evosoft.com/index.html
  10. I'm trying to make my own... not the best, but im trying
  11. I'm currently making a website to go around it... then i will make it designful
  12. iplog.txt is going to be made private, it was simply a test. EDIT: Screw it iplog.txt deleted and the script that logs the ip... is gone
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