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  1. omfg, best idea in the whole world, *head explodes*
  2. dont listen to coz, he's a huge fan of sheep... yes .. you know im your biggest fan .. thats not what you said last night
  3. but you also know there is a huge twilight zone between huge red letters on the main page and ONE (somewhat cryptic) message on the download page dont listen to coz, he's a huge fan of sheep...
  4. Not windows movie maker Software, Payable, nonpayable anything in which you can do more like cut out bits and start songs half way through anything like this free or pay?
  5. Right this happened to me, ill do it in steps 1. Open Regmon 2. Open Fraps off the start menu 3. Lots of things will start appearing 4. Press Ctrl+E to stop it adding stuff 5. Search on the list for fraps and then find the licenses bit 6. It may have 1-3 different licenses (2 for me) 7. Open start menu and click on Run 8. Type in regedit and press enter 9. On the left side open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHNINE 10. Then open SOFTWARE 11. Then LICENSES 12. You will see theres about 12 different licenses 13. Search for the licenses that you saw on Regmon and delete them off regedit (MAKE SURE ITS
  6. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, ok ill record it soon, how do you want me to send it to you? msn, xfire?
  7. codename, i dont really understand how i would record them they are deathmatches so i dont know where to start or finish
  8. Lol, the story about the landing gear is, he thought he pulled it in at the start but he didnt, so when he got to the end and wanted to land he pushed the landing button but the wheels went back in so he crashed
  9. I'll just record it all , i know this has nothing to do with showroom so delete if needed
  10. Oh dear, you made me want to make a movie like that too, Damn you!!!!!
  11. Ok This is what you type in Then press enter, now type in Any press enter again, it should say "converting" and should work
  12. is the map2ipl.exe and the .map file and also the all models file in the same folder?
  13. do you have map2ipl open?, if you do, close it, then it should work
  14. This has happened to me very often and happens a few times a day, Its not really that annoying, you just rejoin and carry on racing...
  15. if you made a capture the flag mod for MTA then it would look a bit stupid with a flag wafting about ontop of your car!
  16. but ive given all the information needed, cant someone type exactly what i have to put in?
  17. Hello, Urm... My Map2IPL Thing wont work I have got the map i want changing and the map2ipl file in the same folder The "Twister.map" and "Map2IPL.exe" are in this folder "C:\Documents and Settings\User\Adam's Folder\Gta Sa\MTA\Maps" And the place i want the ipl file to go is here "C:\Documents and Settings\User\Adam's Folder\Gta Sa\MTA" But i dont have a clue what to type in Also when i open the CMD It already has this before where i type "C:\Documents and Settings\User" Please tell me what i need to type into the CMD, I've tryed many things but nothing works.... Thanks Alot
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