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  1. yer so i need help with editing skins can any one help ~?
  2. what about getting inside buildings the yellow markers need to be enabled as well, how do you do this ?
  3. XxJoexX

    Weapon skill

    well im sorry if this forum is you life. To me that's quite pathetic! I could not even be bothered to read what you had to say because you obviously don't have a life away form the computer. I imagine you'l have some other thing to mown about and I bet YOU go and Quote this to make sum excuse that your not a geek But to be honest I could not care less if you just went and dropped dead This ONLY apply's to robhol, or what ever you pathetic name is I cant believe asking for help with weapon skill would make so much fuss robhol = loser robhol = Geek robhol
  4. Hay i was wondering how you make shops and houses and garages work on my server i cand walk in to the markers to get in side of the standerd buildings that you get on singal player also carage doors dont open sorry for the bad english but can any one help ?
  5. XxJoexX

    Weapon skill

    Thank's XxCozzaxX
  6. oh, i think this could be too hard for him!! [read his other posts if you dont know what im talking about] I'm Just not a GEEK like you !
  7. XxJoexX

    Weapon skill

    "oh just get a life" Its only a forum for a old GAME ok not real life.
  8. kk link works its the first thing you can download that says: freeroam Freeroam GUI This is a graphical interface for free.. 9777 gamemode ok
  9. Hi all I was wondering if any one had a game-mode i could use, as I don't have one ? (I think) It would help me out lots and lots and lots. (P.s) I have searched in the download part of mta and could only seem to fined this: http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources : which I don't think is actually a game-mode But not shore.....?
  10. XxJoexX

    Weapon skill

    "SORRY", but that's not an excuse for sheer laziness, to be honest. Did you even try starting the resource varez told you about? How much time did you spend looking at the resource before giving up? Just because I not a computer wizz like you are, you cant expect i know exactly what im looking for! flipping hell
  11. XxJoexX

    Weapon skill

    thank's people MOST of you were very helpfull
  12. XxJoexX

    Weapon skill

    "SORRY" Remember im new to all this OK ..
  13. XxJoexX


    Hello im was wondering if any one has made a script for businesses like properties you can buy to earn you money every now and then (like every 10 minutes) Thanks XxJoexX P.s...? any one have trouble login in to the mta community on the MTA application? because I am ? "could not connect" or summit ?
  14. XxJoexX

    Weapon skill

    I did and its just a load of mumbo-jumbo can you help me i need full weapon stats for all weapons pleas. Thank's XxJoexX
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