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  1. Hi there. Wiki went down and now i dont have a interior id list. Can somebody send it to me if you have it? Thanks. Simulate
  2. Hi! Is there a possible way to dont use freeroam but that you can still play? Now if i stop freeroam i cant play, and i hate it that you can choose where you spawn etc.
  3. Im still giving €15 for it
  4. I wil give €10 to €15 with paypal for the one who can convert, the MIDDLE of the city. All that roads outside the city doesnt make any sense at all. I need a map for my star wars RPG, so i want the heart of alien city as a map. Or does somebody know a better map. So if somebody can convert the CITY (not all the roads outside the city etc) but only the city i give him €15 as a reward! Greetings simulate Sorry for bad english im dutch :3
  5. Heya guys, i wanted to convert alien city to a .map file but it doesnt work. Does somebody can make aliencity work on my server? I have a reward of €10 wich i can give u by Paypal. So if u have the aliencity map or can make the alien city map a .map file. I love te speak u! Greetings Simulate!
  6. Heya Guys. I found a map for single player and now i want to get it working on MTA as a resource. But i dont know how. The extensions are: .ide .ipl So can somebody help me with this. Greetings, Simulate -
  7. Hi there! Can somebody give me the code how to replace a skins ddf/ttf? I made one but it doesnt works, i used the car replace script and replaced car for skin but that doesnt work So if somebody can give that script im really happy! Sorry for bad english im dutch! Greetings, Simulate
  8. I still dont have the code (.lua & meta.xml) Can somebody sent it please? Mine doesnt work
  9. So i cant add Darth-Vader?
  10. Hi i already changed some cars. But how to replace skins om MTA? Can u please send me the codes? Greetings, Dave!
  11. Hi there guys. We from the MTA Star_Wars server are looking for mappers! If u want te help just send me a private message or post it here. Its very big. We need to create new worlds (planets) like endor, tatooine ect. We hope u have some ideas or maybe want to help. A mapper can be a Moderator too!
  12. Yeah that would be nice can u make that :3
  13. Hi there, can somebody help me? I want to insert some of that new vehicles to my server. But how thats possible, so if u know how to do that please send a PM.. Greetings, Simulate (sorry bad english im dutch)
  14. Can u explain me how to do that (sorry i am really a noob.) But i am trying to learn
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