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  1. Just good to see the project near ready for release.
  2. That animations from the gang members.
  3. I was playing the freeroam map on some server and I was nearly shot by a tank while I was in a hotdog van,It was on fire and I ran into the BMX pickup.I had no life left then the tank shot again and I fell of the BMX and could walk around on my feet.
  4. Yayoo

    Manhunt :)

    The HM can kill everyone on the team to win he's chosen by random or a vote maybe he's the only person who starts with a weapon [bat] but there are other weapons scatered around the map. Not sure about car's but plane's and bike's would be alright.
  5. Yayoo

    Manhunt :)

    A radar where you could be able to see your own team is ok but if you can see the guy your hunting it sort of ruins it.
  6. Yayoo

    Manhunt :)

    Maybe you should be allowed to see your team mates on the radar though.Or you could make it optional.
  7. Yayoo

    Manhunt :)

    Yeah I know everyone will say I stole it from Rockstars game Manhunt but I acually was thinking back on old childhood memorys.Except we didnt have guns and kill eachother. And it certanly can be made intense.Imagine your the last of the team left and the guy your supposed to be hunting is only a few feet away from you with a ak and over the next little hill there is a weapon that could be your only hope.Or if your the HM with no weapons trapped in the corner as the hunters are coming. It would be cool if ye would vote.
  8. Yayoo

    Manhunt :)

    M'kay lemmie explain what barely need's to be explaned, you have 1 team of up to 6 people and one Man to be hunted.Ye are at the desert [other locations can be used for it to] each team member already has a pistol and the hunted man has a baseball bat.The HM [hunted man] is spawned at a random spot and the team is swapned at the graveyard near the little abandoned town.There is loads of hiddin weapon's in the desert.Now the team must hint the HM and kill him or become the hunted and be killed. Sound good?Leave plenty of comments.
  9. Yayoo

    MTA Sa Modes

    Ahh thanks,I'd love to see a V.I.P mode where one team protects a V.I.P and the other has to kill him.
  10. Yayoo

    MTA Sa Modes

    Would it be easy to make your own mode or would you need a certain level of know how?
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