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  1. now i don't i feel just a wee bit retarded, thanks.
  2. Basically, i am interested in how to add upgrades to vehicles automatically within the map file itself. as of right now all i know of the vehicle spawns is as follows. How would i go about adding upgrades to that? I checked the wiki page prehand, and it says vehicle upgrades there on the list, except it isn't a clickable link, its simply text. So if anyone could let me know, that would be great. Thanks
  3. well the reason for that, is because its pretty much the same map. Really though, it would look a lot different if i had used only the high res map verison. But using that verison made the roads difficult to see, so i just put the opacity down on the original over the higher res one and therefore merged both into one.
  4. So i really love the radar overlay. Because of this, i actually prefer the detailed radar mod which gives that satellite quality map overlay. So i took the original radar map and that detailed radar map image and combined them into a really nice looking radar overlay. Screenshot: To install, simply download the zip file below and extract. Copy radar.jpg into your Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\MTA\cgui\images and overwrite the current file in there. Wala, you now have this modded radar map installed. To note, if you reinstall mta this map file will be overwritten and you will have to recop
  5. I'm not currently aware if there are any posts regarding this, but the mute in the admin cp does not currently work, i've attempted to mute players and on my self, but I'm still able to talk and as are the players muted.
  6. Listed below, or ideas that i feel should be added to the current admin system which would make things easier for everyone running a server. 1. To be able to cancel any vote by number pushing a button, either a number or a specific f1-f12 key when being an admin or simply a button in the admin cp. (this would come in handy with individuals abuse votekick.) 2. Disabling individuals from vote kicking admins or anyone thats logged in into a account. 3. When Banning someone on the main admin panel, make it ask if you want to ban the serial or just the ip. Currently its only banning the ip and y
  7. Reluix

    /msg_target bug

    alright, so basically the problem is if you aren't aiming at someone it crashes the game still, but thanks for letting me know what it does, i'll have to go try that.
  8. Reluix

    /msg_target bug

    If you type /msg_target in chat it crashes the game. If you do this in console and have a correct player name, it seems to not work. Though i know /msg works correctly. msg_target is listed under help, and was basically just checking to see what it did.
  9. Alright, i quite literally spend forever on this map. Team Based. I submited alw Urban Warfare. Two different starting areas with cars to get in. The whole map is basically a city block, which took forever to make btw. Plenty of different weapons. Several vantage points where snipers can take place and hopefully take out people below. Should prove to be a pretty tactical map. 1 health/1 armor ak47 m4 sniper country sniper saw off shotgun shotgun grenades flame thrower desert eagle combat shotgun satchels mp5 chainsaw Everyone should start off with an uzi with like 100 ammo an
  10. Alright i just finished and uploaded my map. alw close quarters. I would like to note for that for my map i would like it so that everyone starts with a colt 45 with 80 ammo, and a knife. Bascially this is a free for all type of a match. 4 sniper towers in each little section. Plenty of buildings to climb on to grab weapons, hide, and so forth. Two entrances to a tube which go under the map to a little black room which has a special little something to all who go down there in exploration. Also barrels at the top of each sniper tower, so if an individual below is lucky enough to hit the ba
  11. i have a question before i submit mine. Do they start with weapons default? Such as starting with a normal pistol and knife. this would help me with putting my weapons out (which are basically done) and if they don't, it would be nice maybe in the future to be able to set if they start with a certain weapon/armor.
  12. hey lmn8r____ ...thanks for atleast telling the dev's about it...and your remark in the other thread about the best anti cheat being good admins...well then ... I had to ban you about 10 times ...heh....anyway yes there are cheaters...just keep a tab of names and report it to admins and just get over it....people will always cheat, there is no avoiding it...Making a thread about it those is kinda pointless....
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