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  1. Stinger drop script This script will spawn a stinger behind your car when you press "x" when driving a car. When someone drives over it, their car's tires will be popped. Stingers will be removed from the game when you leave your vehicle or quit the server. Screenshots Download http://community.mtasa.com/index.html?p ... ils&id=125
  2. Big Smoke

    Pipe Maze

    Download Pipe Maze now! http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=3254 Fixed things that where buggy in first version: - Dinghy Spawn - Added Health & Vehicla Change Pickups
  3. Big Smoke

    Pipe Maze

    Beta 1.0 released! You can now play it in the SAS server. If there won't be founded any bugs, expect public release soon.
  4. This seems really nice, can't wait to play it . Kutgw!
  5. Big Smoke

    Pipe Maze

    Maps almost done now, only needs some testing. It counts round 300 objects, so with many players, things go invisble, I'm testing thing to see if they don't get to disappear.
  6. Big Smoke

    Pipe Maze

    Sure, I wil think that I drop by in a minute. You can find me on the name [QB]Wish^ . If this indeeds work, I'm going to try that out and I will soon place som nice screens (I hope ) .
  7. Big Smoke

    Pipe Maze

    Ah, nice idea . But first I need to get rid of that object limit. Maybe if I put a part of the map at the 600x600 border and the other part in a other 600x600 section. Should this be possible or not?
  8. Wow, your map counts 400+ object, how did you do that? because mine are disappearing by the count of 250...
  9. Big Smoke

    Pipe Maze

    Ha, sounds quite good, adding that surprise is quite effective. ;D Yes, I added 2 ideas from TrempasMortales into Pipe Maze, some you can see in the next screens. The map's almost finished due the object limit. Somebody know something to get behind that? It's very irritating.
  10. Big Smoke

    Pipe Maze

    2 New screenies: The fisrt screen is in a sort of inside thing with barrels. The second thing is were you go with the boat and it will land in 3 pipes, those lead to different places. One to Death, One to drowning, and one proper way. Map in %: 40% @El Conde Mafias, how do I make those "fake" barrels ?
  11. Big Smoke

    Pipe Maze

    Nice Idea, I will definitely add those things .
  12. Big Smoke

    Pipe Maze

    Hello all! Last time I saw the map Climb or EXPLODE, and thta give me just this idea: a whole maze of pipes, full of boobytraps. Like, blowing yourself up! Or blow the way behind you so your enemies can't get further, to change in a car when you're in a dinghy! The map itself is still in a WIP phase, I think around 30% now, because I want it to make ik really so big as possible. I have some screenies, so enjoy ! Also post some ideas if you have any, or comments, etc. Above screen doesn't appear in Beta due the object limit.
  13. Hi everyone, The last time I'm a bit short of idea's for MTA:SA Maps, so I have a question for you all: Does anyone of you have some nice ideas, or a kind of map that they want to see? Please post it here and I will give it a try
  14. I've got one question about V2. Is only the .exe changed? Because some other friends say other files are also changed, but they don't know wich are changed .
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