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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if you could do it with Lua. By the sounds of it, everyone here speaks of Lua as if it's some sort of code that was created by the gods; and you can do nearly anything with it. Just an assumption.
  2. I definately missed that one
  3. Cited from the interview found at: http://www.gta-series.com/it/sanandreas ... terview_en ....????? By the way, that interview was done very well, it answered a lot of the questions that were stuck in the back of my head, good job MTA team, keep up the good work. P.S: I can't wait... I'm getting restless. -RaFFi
  4. Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe if they stopped adding so many features, they would stop having to fix the new bugs that arise as a result... There is always time in the future to release more features... there's going to be so much that we can already do, that most of us are probably going to be confused out of our minds. I say release it simple now, and add cool features later. We'll be plenty busy playing, and using the features that are already in the mod, that we won't care how long it takes for more features to be added in the future. I agree, this is getting ridiculous. -RaFF
  5. ROTFLMFAO... if you think that flying real aircraft is anything near as simple as it is in GTA, I hope you discover the truth. If you attempted even to just take off in a helicopter in reality, would would end up causing devastation. Don't let video games lead you into thinking its reality. Sure, video games are fun, a good way to relax, and by all means, you definitely DO learn some things about reality (ex: flying aircraft, marksmanship, etc.), but don't get too cocky or carried away. . If you're really interested in aircraft, try flight-simulator, take ground school, or go through a pilo
  6. Very ture error, MTA is still in the alpha stage. I am, however, thinking towards the future. -RaFFi
  7. Here's an idea... How about they release a public beta... and those that are too snobby to play a "half-finished, buggy, non-perfect, featureless" mod, don't have to; no one is making them play the game. They can wait 'till a more stable release is out; and the people that just want to friggen' play the game because they're sick and tired of waiting can play it. If they complain that it's buggy, they can go F*** themselves because they brought it on themselves. There's a solution that makes everyone happy! -RaFFi
  8. Yeah, they aren't quite at the beta stage yet, still in alpha... So I understand why it is a bit hard to predict when it will be released. All I can say is I sure as hell hope the beta stage will go a lot faster than the alpha; if not, paul527's estimation of the release date could be quite realistic (several posts above). Even though some of my original questions have been answered (what the point of a closed beta is), I still don't quite understand how having a closed-beta would solve anything. Sure, more bugs become apparent when the mod is tested on a large scale, and these bugs may tak
  9. Multiply that number by 3, and that's what year it will be released. -RaFFi
  10. Thank you Error and So'lide for clearing up a few of my concerns.
  11. If not a list of features, could the team at least tell us what they're doing? Of course the weekly tutorials will be helpful, and they do show a few of the features, but they are completely irrelevant because no-one can do anything with them yet, but look at them. There will be plenty of time after it is released to produce tutorials. Secondly, I don't understand what having a private beta test would solve; Isn't the whole point of a beta to find and work out the bugs? Of course if it weren't a beta release and there were bugs, we would think less of MTA; As long as you let us know its a bet
  12. Yeah... I know I can definitely expect criticism. Thank you Error for clearing the stages up (and no... I'm not being sarcastic, I really did need a reminder). I can for sure give the MTA team huge credit, they've done amazing things... but honestly and flat out, I'm just really, really tired of waiting for this release, I'm sure I'm not the only one, although I know there are still some people still patiently waiting. They haven't even set a definite release date; for all we know it might not be released till late next Fall (which doesn't seem too unrealistic at all at this rate), or ever for
  13. Honestly.... what stage are we in now? Still alpha testing phase 800,023,841? or have we made it to the Gamma testing stage? I haven't stopped by for a while hoping it'd be released... not too much of a surprise here; Kinda disappointing actually. PS: I know this is gonna get locked, just thought I'd speak my mind.
  14. Hello, I'm kindly asking if it will be done before or after Christmas? If you tell me you don't know, then I'm assuming it will be released during the holidays, because if it's so hard to tell whether or not it will be released before Christmas, it must be a close call. BTW, Keep up the good work MTA!
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