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  1. ok the first one, everybody should know it, is alt+tab. second one : is the button between the ctrl and the alt, the window [icon button].
  2. requirement too high, dont ya think people would need cable modem or dsl to play vice city online, if people use 56k, that going to make the game lag!!!!!!
  3. I like the mta, good team, good work, I post this couse I want to ask if ya can put people name on top of there head, so people can know who is who, couse i have problem comparing is those player are comp or real player moving, when i shoot them, they dont shoot back, they just run away, so plz add name on player if ya can, Thank You.
  4. DAMN HE TIGHT, THAT FAT BOY GOT SKILL, hahahahahha dude can u see the special effect, lightsaber!!!!!!!!, DAMN!!!! OMG , what a FREak
  5. now is 5/29/03 24 is the next day, so its going to be 5/30/03, its going to be mta big day, ready or not , tomorrow is the day!!!!
  6. THANK YOU very Much for the release, finally, finally its out. YES!!! YES!!!! ITS A GOOD DAY.
  7. the release message post may 20 2003, for my counting, the day 7 going to be tomorrow, they won't make us wait again, or if we still need to way, can ya let the crazy waiter, like me, give us a message everyday how ya doing with 0.3, so the crazy waiter can have a reason for the wait to be that long, THANK YOU, and if this post is rude to ya, sorry, but the delaying is always happening.
  8. The mod is not going to be out before matrix, sorry, i forgot about the 0.3 vision, so this mod is going to be made after 0.3 vision is out, i need to test it around with it, it wont be fun in 0.2, it might crash. so sorry for the mod post.
  9. the mod is going to be simple right now, if there more tool out later, i will make it more better, dont know when i will finish the mode, trying to make it before matrix out
  10. everyone has five star cop, everyone is ur enemy, the game is simple who is the surivor in the game is the winner, on yeah ya can escape by going to telephone, u will teleport to other place, well do ya think about this game?
  11. HI, IM new here, and I want to ask that is it a good idea to create a mod RPG for gta3, my idea is this 1.money is for buying exp to level up and buy weapon. 2.gang are enemy 3.no boss, pretty hard to make a boss, new to change the character face. 4.fast N furious car race place, for ppl to challenge each other a drag race, quarter mile, prize money. 5.this can only can happening in gta 0.3 multi patch. 6.all exp will be save after exit the game, when you come back in it will be the same exp. this mod is not out yet, I just got the idea, dont know when can it going to be finish.or if wh
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