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  1. I have edited and finalized the two maps I linked to in post no.1. Have a look and tell me your opinion, please.
  2. I postet my IP above. hope I gave all you need?
  3. some minutes ago, there came a guy on my server. he has won the race gnoettgen without knowing the race. so I have sen that it is not that hard I thought. i have fun with the editor....... fixed a little problem now http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=2046
  4. So, in the fact that we can respawn in the next release, I decidet to create some more harder maps. I dont give a thing what public guys think. I create them to challenge my mates. And this must be hard, and not so easy. So everyone who likes hard maps should download mine... http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=2044
  5. Here is a link to pic with my traceroute. I dont know how littlewhitey copied and pasted it. http://img122.imageshack.us/img122/5741 ... ute1nv.jpg My provider is freenet, and my IP changes every time I reconnect to internet. At this moment it is, but today I didnt tried it yet.... hostname is lbe7b.l.pppool.de user agent is Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; de; rv:1. Gecko/20051111 Firefox/1.5
  6. aaaah, okay, IJ. Sorry about that. but if I could visit the page, I would know all names better. thats for my excuse.... So what can I dot to get some of IJs attention?
  7. check with IJs sounds nice. but what is IJ? a person? i dont have a glue what you guys are talking about, sorry.......
  8. mkay.... http://img122.imageshack.us/img122/5741 ... ute1nv.jpg
  9. In the reason I could not copy the stuff, I made a screenshot of this. Can I post it somehow? During the tracing I could open the mtasa page. WAS THE FIRST TIME SINCE MONTH! It took long, but worked. Now, after finished this tracing, the page is again unreachable. Firefox tells me that the connection times out, btw no response from server.
  10. The player who left was Gnoettgen, and the guy that disconnected from the remote admin was Truespin. But it was exactlz the same person....
  11. This can not be a solution. Most people do not know how to use a proxy. And as I said, with the other hp it was a blocking from the provider from the page. However, thousand of guys can not visit this page. It makes no sense to tell me how to do, the best would be to check where the problem can come from. I am not able to, cause I am not so good in this stuff. I wantet to let the mta team know, that there is a mayor problem that it makes the intense that mta is offline..... ev1servers.net is this the the provider here? I am sorry that i can not translate the text I have copied. But maybe t
  12. Wasnt my name Gnoettgen? Feel free to add me in msn> truespin25hotmail.com Okay, Ill try to make it less frustrating. So noobs can play too.
  13. Hi folks. The MTA page is not reachable in germany for any user of this called two providers. We although had that problem with dmwworld.com, but this is fixed now. It was ev1servers.net. They blocked users from this provider with no reason. I hope someone will read this and check the problem please. I am hosting a server. But I have no chance to visit the site or the forum. Anytime I need something to know or download, I visit the site over my rootserver, cause this one ist not on a freenet dsl wire. If there is any thread like this, please forgive this second one. But as I told the pr
  14. Thanks for your comments. You are right with the first planechange in betterfinishlonesome. If you do not know how to drive over the ramps, you can die very fast. And the change two checks later is dangerous too, because of the hight you are flyin. But as you said, when you know how to get the checkpoint, you wont lose any health. The second one has some unsuspectable jumps, but again as you said just when you do not know them. The first car change can be verz frustrating as well, but it is just when you are driving to fast. The big secret on some races is, that you dont have to drive as f
  15. Aha, the voting system is not working. That explains a lot. A mate votet for 7 or 8 races including mine. But the vote doesnt appeared at the map description. But why are there a few maps that had been votet for?
  16. Hi. In the evening hours, I sometimes spend my time to create some new races. But I havent seen one of my two published maps ever on a server. That makes me sad, cause it would be a very great thing to play one of them sometimes with public players. So I decided to start this thread, to get maybe some more attention at serveradmins... Discussions about the good AND the bad things are very welcome. At this starting post there are the two yet published races. I think it wont take a long time until I upload the next one. Thanks for the attention. I would like you to test my races now. http:/
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