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  1. True_spin

    MTA at x64?

    Thanks for answears. But my question is not answeared yet..... It says it will be fixed in the next release. This will be DM. But will there be an updatet Race 1.1.1. to play on Vista? Or am I able to play both with the next release? Thanks again.
  2. True_spin

    MTA at x64?

    Hellas. I am using Vista x64 as second OS. Will there be a compatible version of race 1.1.1. out? Or is there any trick to get it work?
  3. True_spin

    Map Pwnage

    Yapp, really nice one. Think ill download it.
  4. Mkay, made some more..... Its not really own maps, I prefer to use the existing San Andreas as its nice enough, and has a lots of nice streets to race in. http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=5801 First part is fast, then a brake on part. This three times with different cars. http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=5776 Same with different cars here. Shorter course, so 5 laps. http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=5777 This is unfortunatley an updated map. I forgot that I had uploaded it earlier with another name. But definetly a very funny race with lots of players. Vehicle is the Phoe
  5. oki, I think I got now that we missunderstood each other. not me handless every map as deathmatch, the script. we drive the races to end, like a race....... an example: when a race starts with existing record, it doesnt tells "best time at 3.26 by playerXY", it just posts something like I postet above. it seems like the addon could not read the existing records anymore, or something. and when you cross the finish line, nothing happens. even if the time is faster than the existing record. there comes nothing in yellowed color. not any comment about which position you were, or how much slowe
  6. I dont get what you mean. I dont mean just the DM maps. I mean even the races. So please tell me Aeron. I dont have any glue about scripting, so I dont know what you want. When I deleted such an abnormal record, I deleted everything from the mapname until the next mapname. A DM map has no finish line, of course. But I dont know what that has to do with the script. I never changed anything in the script. Just deleted a few records.
  7. Hi everybody. At my server, I have Aerons script 4.15 running. I had some impossible records there, so I deleted them in the stats.ini. (PP in less than one minute was a cheat, I thought) Since then, the script wont show me the best round times and the fastes driver. I handles every race, as It is a Deathmatch. I just become informations about the amount of players, and how often they died.... ....I doesnt tells the best round time anymore, and even not in which position you finish. (before ther came a pm like "you finished 2nd in 3.42") The following is the only stuff, that the script i
  8. True_spin

    Watch it

    i never wanted to show how good I can drive, or how awesome my stunts could be. the one with the Black Eyed Peas for example is made of crashes. i dont wanna show any skill or something. i made them just to show what is MTA is about. for mates that havent ever seen the game. trailer-like. a bit of sightseeing... the very first try is in my opion crap, you are right with it. but give Speed Demon a chance, and watch it like a trailer. you can say this one is the best try, cause i was using better software. not that ms-shit. anyway, thanks for any comments.
  9. True_spin

    Watch it

    ....i am not a professional, but its worth some comments... Try this, it is made in better quality. Nice Trailer. http://rapidshare.de/files/19396923/spe ... d.mpg.html I will welcome any comment, the negative ones too. So come on plz.
  10. True_spin

    Watch it

    And third: http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=SFJEZ0Z7 what was originally the very first movie.
  11. Super. I like it. The video as much as the flight-stuff.
  12. True_spin

    Watch it

    Hi. Yesterday I decided to do my first ingame-movie. I think its quite good for a guy who never opened such an editor before. Comments are welcome First: http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=BSDY72RJ Second: http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=DHEJJQJO I am sorry, that the comments inside are german. Think they would be much better if anyone could understand...
  13. True_spin


    please tell me which script I have to load in mta.mrc. I found a stats script, but it just remembers how often a race was played. Nothing with record-times... is the one the post above one?
  14. Okay, I was wrong with the clientport. I got it, just a litte misstake of mine....*shame* Which scipt I have to load for the saving and telling the best race times?
  15. 2 questions pls: When it is localhost, can I writ localhost then in the IP field? What port is meant with clientport, and what password is meant? (I have loaded the script and have to fill server data now)
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