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  1. [PP]Strapstah

    hey y no gd game

    ok will mta be out before 2007 just answer me that? im sure u lot have a kind of idea atleast tell me this.
  2. i llllove it.!, its sooo..'Classic'..eh?
  3. i swear wen u die, in a car blood dnt go on the floor?
  4. look, lol Wdf? what does this MEAN!??? :I
  5. WOW MTA CRASHES like a moofokah, sheezus, i was playing in uk server, all went well then i got a series of crashed all like in the same minute. all of these crashes are the ones were u cant do nothing but restart ur pc?, luckily i had that crash killer from gta rumble website that i hit f5 and it kills the process, but mta WOAH, u need to fix these crashes, the game just stops and music contunes, and car noisies ETC!!
  6. its nothing do to with graphics card, because every 1 else saw it so obviously not. I think its a bug, or a ufo. Its possible :S:S
  7. Thaank u, eAi, no need for you to make say that... every 1 else saw it. Its not like, only me saw it.
  8. its not because of windowed mode because ALL THE OTHERS Saw t i swear!!!
  9. nope its not, because every 1 else saw it.
  10. Yes, I made a ddl, that makes it windowed Why? U want it?
  11. Hi i was playin in dedicated server UK Just a min ago and it a weird screen appeard. Look.: It said loading in the middle. But i only got this. !!! WEIRD
  12. yes you can mate. i totally undertand your point.
  13. you will need the 1.0 crack, dont ask me were to get it from, cuz it just appeared on my desktop i swear.
  14. reinstall,, DAH!, if that dont work that you'll no its not your install, if you no what i mean??
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