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  1. Another suggestion: place object --> Choose by object ID, Browse..., Last object (again)
  2. You mean the map with a long road and a line of barrels, exploding one by one, so you have to drive fast to prevent the explosions passing you, and blowing you up? I think it will be boring just after a few times playing, but I like the idea and would love to try it a few times.
  3. Spike strips (from the garage mission) would allso be a cool (anti-)pickup. That would also be great as a weapon in dm...
  4. The missile lock works on my server/game/mta client. Maybe you have to wait a little longer, because of a slow(er) connection?
  5. not with the host file afaik host file is only and just only host file exist from a age when there was no dns server !! (so that was made so people didnt have to fill in a IP adres in their browser) there were no dns servers then let alone different ports, subsites etcetcetc maybe a proxy can do that for you .. but now im just guessing Well, ok. I will google a bit for proxy. But for most sites the host file is a good solution, so thanks for that tip anyway.
  6. I can't reach every site I try. When I try to ping http://www.gmail.com, I get an IP. If I go to that IP using internet explorer, I get Google. (So, Gmail and Google are on the same server, and Google is the main page.) Is it nevertheless possible to make a quicklink to Gmail, using the host file? (The same goes for Travian: s1.travian.nl gives an IP that leads the the german version of the game.)
  7. I have another idea, but I don't know if it is possible. I did some tests with the hydra shooting at some barrels and it worked. The only problem is, that if the player starting in a hydra is a cheater, he could blow up all other players. My solution is, that all players start in fire trucks, except for one. (Just by placing a hydra vehicle change pickup in one spawnpoint.) If it is possible to tell the game that the owner of the server (or someone with a particular IP, so the owner of the server could change that to his own IP) starts in the spawnpoint with the hydra pickup, and the player
  8. I don't know, but if you know the object ID you could just try it. When I made a mistake, by forgetting one digit of an object ID, the mapmaker just told me the ID was invalid. That was all, no crashes, or whatever. I just could typ another ID.
  9. If I want to use this, I need the IP's of the websites I want to use it for, right? How can I find these? try this on xp start - run - cmd on other windows - start - run - command then type ping http://www.mtasa.com it says : Ping to mtasa.com [] with 32 byte dat: go to firefox .. or your internet browser .. and test the last IP it should come out on http://www.mtasa.com/ another way tracert .. or do a whois Ok, thanks.
  10. I haven't downloaded your script, but I was wondering if the description in the first post is still up-to-date and you have to replace spaces with '-'. I would use a seperator between the map and the instructions, as it is easer to type and there are no misunderstandings (are '-' allowed in map names?). For example you could use $gettok(map name:instructions,1, 58 ) (I guess there are no ':' in map names). Nice work, though I prefer scripting myself. It's more fun and I get what I need. But you created a good script for everyone who isn't able to (for reasons of knowledge, time or anything el
  11. Well, this may be a start for the perfect solution. Or is there another way to let objects move (besides firing a missile) after the start of the map? (Even if 'moving' means 'falling down' )
  12. I would like to add triggered object spawning to this list item. This way you could add a ramp in front of a bunch exploding barrels, or make some kind of movie studio tour. Think about a car exploding, or a big wave of water flooding a small village when you drive through a checkpoint.
  13. That is an excellent tip for decorational fires. Thanks for that. Maybe I use it in another map. But is there anyone who knows if and how I can create extinguishable fires?
  14. If I want to use this, I need the IP's of the websites I want to use it for, right? How can I find these?
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