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  1. Hey Can Anyone Help Me Out? Im Trying To Get My Website To Display My Servers Information Ive Got This So Far ^^ Dosent Work At ALL
  2. after awhile they cant join right?
  3. Marty-Bond


    Hello Im Marty-Bond New Leader Of The Bond Family I need Someones Help Their Is A Hacker Who Keeps Coming Into My Server And Crashing It Every 2-3 Secs PLEASE HELP I WANNA KILL SOMEONE
  4. Nice It Works Now Thank You.
  5. Ok I Did What You Said But Still Doesn`t Work... if ($mta.name($1,$2) == MTAPlayer) { mta.say $1 $chr(124) Welcome To The Bond Family RPG & DM Server $chr(124) mta.say $1 $chr(124) The Current Weather Is: $mta.weather($1,$2) $+ . $chr(124) mta.say $1 $chr(124) Market Status $chr(124) Market: $readini(stockdata.ini,marketstatus,marketstatus)) $chr(124) $chr(124) Resell: $readini(stockdata.ini,resellstatus,resellstatus)) $chr(124) if ($readini($rpg.dir $+ rpg.ini,$mta.name($1,$2),Lead == Leader)) mta.say $1 $chr(124) Bond Synce Accepted Welcome Bond Leader $chr(124)
  6. Im Trying Ta Make This Script So MTAPlayer Will Be Kicked And The Messages Wont Appear, My Problem Is That It Kick`s EveryOne That Enter`s The Server!
  7. I tryed But Still Nothing
  8. Im Having Little Problem Is Their A Way To Make Places Buyable?
  9. Um Making A market Script Takes 2 seconds Its much easier Then a RPG i wrote my own Punk If u Would Like My Original Contact Me On Msn At martin14442000@hotmail.com
  10. Marty-Bond


    um does cops & Robbers even have that?
  11. Marty-Bond


    if ($3 == !sellweed) { if $rpg.area($1,$2) == Malibu { if ($readini(stockdata.ini,weedstash,$mta.name($1,$2))) < 1) { !writeini -n $+("rpg.ini") balance $mta.name($1,$2) Cash $calc($readini(rpg.ini,balance,$mta.name($1,$2)) + $readini(stockdata.ini,weedcost,weedcost)))} !writeini -n " $+ $rpg.dir $+ rpg.ini" $mta.name($1,$2) cash $calc($rpg.cash($1,$2) + $readini(stockdata.ini,weedcost,weedcost) $calc($readini(stockdata.ini,weedamount,$mta.name($1,$2)) * $4))} !writeini -n $+("stockdata.ini") weedamount $mta.name($1,$2) $calc($readini(stockdata.ini,we
  12. Btw i got it now thx alot for the help jeremy
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