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  1. I'm trying to make a race map, and i can't seem to get the nitrous and repair pickups for the cars when you race, nor the car changing pickup either. Now through me trying to figure this all out, i found that i downloaded and installed the MTA 1.0.3 version and discovered a newer version 1.1.2. So i installed the 1.1.2 version and i noticed in the mta program files, it added the nitrous and repair pickups. Unfortunately when i run the newer version of MTA and go to map editor, it gives me an error in the console saying "Error: Could not start local server. [Loading network library failed.]" When i have the 1.0.3 version installed, map editor works fine, but does not have the nitrous and repair pickups. Any ideas on how to fix this error and/or also get me nitrous, repair, and car changing pickups Thanks.