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  1. humz, in my opinion i love the new theme. its just that it all seems too cramped together to me.
  2. san andreas still owns and always will. if you think san andreas is old, somepeople still play vice city and even gta3. plus GTA4 isnt for another year if not longer becuase they will probably push the release further, and also it will take a few months after console release for it to come on pc!
  3. Also you could join one of VRocker's RPG server at: MTA:VC: thee.sytes.net:2003 MTA:3: IRC: irc.gtanet.com #vrocker
  4. Our RPG server has been having a few problems lately but its all sorted now! But the ip has changed a little bit! HostName: SARPC Roleplaying server #1 [supagame.net] Address: Players: 0 / 100 Ping: 97 Mode: SAMPRPG v0.5 Beta Map: San Andreas
  5. Thankyou man, i hope to see you register along with others
  6. Well.. i will succeed if i dont have people like you posting crap!
  7. A brand new GTA community! http://www.gtacommunity.co.nr Hello everyone I present to you a new community named, GTA:Community. i am trying to open a friendly GTA community for useful help and advice. We also will have a range of San andreas mods! Please note these mods are only game mods not cheats, so it is vehicle mods, and mods such as the radar mod! Within the community we also support SA-RP mini-community so these two are built into one! Please visit our site and register! if you help out enough you main gain a moderator rank as i am looking for people to fill these spaces for when i am
  8. oh ok then. The MTA server may not be up for long because nobody is using it! so come along to darkshadows sa-mp server
  9. yer thats a [db] server lol so yes ts is public
  10. any more info on the clan? members? a website?
  11. all darkbrothers server and such r public unless said other wise! so you can join our ts and things whenever!
  12. Darkbrothers official TS server up!! IP: dbteamspeak.no-ip.org:8767 Would much appreciate it if you could be in the teamspeak server as you are playing in one of the servers!
  13. thanks has taken a long time to get everything sorted how i like it. but its finally working thats why i am hosting the mta server.
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