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  1. Waouuu, Very Good job, Good Video Thank .. Me 100% whith you .. I'm wait MTA DM ........... MTA Powaaaaaaa ... ps: Beatiful forum theme, good !!
  2. [VM]Noiprocs

    Report bug

    Hello. I've found a bug in the map editor. I had this bug every time i test it. After some time, when i open the menu "Checkpoint order" i crash and go back to windows. It seems it happen only with maps without checkpoints. Sorry for my english . Thank for the job .
  3. Hello And why not a patch, which would make you go has 400km/h ??? loool bye
  4. Hello all here the page that I have create with this scripts MTASS SA +VM OG By Noiprocs Sorry page in French , me French look Just the graph This is my firth page in PHP !!!! , and I am very happy result . THANK Falcon For the Scritps Edit post in french : Voici la page qhe j'ai cree a partir du scripts . MTASS SA +VM OG By Noiprocs Pardon cette page est en francais , je suis francais regarder juste le style c'est ma premiere page en PHP !!! et je suis tres content su resultat . Enocore pardon pour mon anglais abobinable
  5. Hi Leviathan yes lol look the post http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=15640 And my video ? edit: Thx Leviathan for the translate
  6. [VM]Noiprocs

    Wu Zi Mu

    Hello SORRY for the french Me Noob speaker english Alors je post en français pour etre comprit . J'ai tourner une video de la belle course Wu Zi Mu ( Thx Talidan+Ransom ) Je les nommer : Wu Zi Mu : Cours de pilotage Pour voir la video plusieurs solutions s'offre a vous . 2 version disponible une low et une High qualiter En Streaming (lecture direct sur notre site ) WuZi Mu : Cours de pilotage High (46 mo) WuZi Mu : Cours de pilotage Low (15mo) Telechargement au format .rar NO LOGIN Wu Zi Mu : Cours de pilotage High (46 mo) Wu Zi Mu : Cours de pilotage Low (15mo) Scpec
  7. ARgg Sorry J'ai pas oser poster en francais de peur de me faire censurer . alors ma suggestions est: ajouter quelque chose sur les maps officiell pour nous permettre de les reperer parmi toute les map et ainsi avoir a coup sur de bonne map . je pensait a quelque choses comme MapMta pourquoi pas , ou a vous de voir . j'espere etre asser clair et encore desoler pour mon post en faux englais ciao merci
  8. hello I said itself , that its would be well to add to the official map , an allowing character , to locate them . thus one could have that map official and being on having good map . Sorry for my bad english , me french and i not speak english . Me use a translate site I thank you enormously for all work accomplished , to continue thus , and to be unaware of the bad remark Ciao
  9. hello has you Veiled I cannot make go the MTA:SS $fp = fsockopen("udp://" . $ServerIP, $ServerPort + 123, $errno, $errstr); I think that it misses something after " udp:// " but what? I filled the remainder $ServerIP and $ServerPort, but I a page obtains with just (0) Thank you for a scripts Edit :: Is GOOD THANK
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