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  1. Yeah, LSSpeedway, NorthPass and LS2SF are straight maps and the rest were ment as a 'Activity Challange' to do between meets because they were maps I had already made, Pre -SARL.
  2. My bad I've been thru all of them taken out repairs, except on LVAP with it being just for fun. The problem with the boats was the ramp was taking off about 1/2 damage if hit full speed. I have changed the ramp to a non damaging object. Anything else
  3. I have been working on some maps and after last nights 'Meat' I have modded some of them to be tryed out for SARL. I'm also working on some more so any feedback would be helpfull Maps are: LVAP: Just a messaround (any thing goes) Round the track of Las Venturas airport, some loops and lots of Nitros. Plus car change every lap, (aprox 5 laps) Chiliad: Nice round trip of Mt. Chiliad. Start in Quad on top of Mount Chiliad, Sanchez down the bike track, then round the side in a Messa / Freeway before coming back up Sanchez / Quad. BeachsideVC: Up and down Los Santos beach Vice City
  4. Hey i was thinking of making some maps I have a couple on the center, One I made with S.A.R.L in mind. so if ppl can tell me what you think. But if anyone has any ideas for good races, please let me know
  5. Is the 'ProLaps' race barrier that is at the botom of Mt Chiliad in there??? and if so whats the I.D number, please
  6. Wooo I just un / reinstalled it and its working fine now. sorry for the shitty post but I did read the FAQ first
  7. Hello, I don't want to breck the rules but I've been looking for a good hour now but, Is it just me or can over ppl not listen to MP3's on User Track Player, I know how it works and it still works in Single Player but when I go into MTA I just get Ads non-stop. Small bug I know but K-Rose really is starting to get on my tits... P.S. First time I played MTA Radio worked fine
  8. Hey this isn't my first map but I think its a really good 'un http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=1731 Hope you enjot it
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