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  1. When i try to start it...and i click 'start' (I renamed it) It gives that small screen..and after that it just stops running :S
  2. Someone first gotta own that car before selling it..u can do that manually
  3. member list needs update =P |-=-|Member List|-=-| James-Bond - Leader Billy-Bond - Leader Angel-Bond - Leader Hitman-Bond - Administrator Level 5 Marty-Bond - Administrator Level 5 Avenger-Bond - Administrator Level 5 Wesley-Bond - Administrator Level 5 Demon-Bond - Administrator Level 2 Towlies-Bond - Administrator Level 2
  4. haha u can just do that in the options from the Menu
  5. Wesley


    with RPG Clan-Script v3.10 from Oli n Jax u can make 1 person Admin when it get loaded..than u can type ingame !point, !clear, !save etc..
  6. Wesley


    I dont like MTA:SA so much.. VC is still the best..(for me)
  7. Wesley


    I wanna have a ''VC Race-Script'' that gives u location from race and says when race starts and stuff...i tried to made one myself but didn't work
  8. Wesley


    does anyone know where to get a good Race-Script?? Please post.. P.S i searched but nothing i found..!!
  9. But how to ALSO put the joiners name in the custom welcomemsg isn't said in there, and i think that is what Arctos wants.My solution worked for me but not for him. Thats easy..u want the person that joins your server in the welcomemsg? than u type: !setwelcomemsg Welcome $mta.name($1,$2) Not sure bout that Scripting not my best side but i think its like that..
  10. Wesley

    Spectator Radio

    Thats easy..just put the music volume off in the menu > options. And than put WMP(Windows Media Player) on.
  11. Wesley

    Spectator Radio

    I dont know if thats possible in MTA:SA but in MTA:VC Installation directory stands a mp3 map, you can put music in there and when you are in a car you can listen to it. If you skip radiostations than it will be shown as MP3PLAYER
  12. Wesley

    The Chase

    The link isn't working :( maybe this is the URL that you mean?? ===> http://www.megaupload.com
  13. You can cut some out of Clan-RPG v3.10 by Oli n Jax..or just use the whole script of them U can download it here: http://www.mtavc.com/upload/personal/Oli/rpg.rar
  14. I thought Oli said he was already working at a MTA:MA:GRS for MTA:SA
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