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  1. sorry i will change it then im very sorry tanx problem solved
  2. if i load 2 servers then i cant play on them it says could not load race mod but orhers can join
  3. nevermind im in tanx for all the help
  4. changed it and it still doesnt work
  5. Yes im running from this pc. But it still not connect to the admin panel
  6. what am i doing wrong
  7. but i want to log in to the admin panel prog
  8. Ican now login to admin in the game but not in the admin panel please help
  9. Ok i will have patience
  10. I have a clan server and we want to try some new cars in the server
  11. but i mean if someone for example a handlings editor then how can i allow it
  12. Hello, Can i allow mods on my server if it can how do i do that
  13. ok tanx for the realy amzing fast post
  14. How an you make more mods on a server or is that not a posiblity
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