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  1. how to record wav for fraps avi files and make movies with sounds?
  2. I can port it to assemble, its very FAST as hell and less size Simple window VB ~ 500kb C+ ~ 100kb ASM ~ 2kb (can be 1kb, but then only win95/98) http://www.hot.ee/valk777/win.exe - simple window http://www.hot.ee/valk777/custom.exe - custom window (big size because of bmp image and icon)
  3. this forum discussion need to replaced with an irc channel, how ya think? and everything will go faster, logos, bodyguards, drivers....
  4. zaba

    russian famaly

    maybe ask arti, i dont know,
  5. wheres that? or location is randomized ?
  6. zaba

    russian famaly

    Full list of members: (Nick)Name | Email | Rank artigamer | -REDACTED- | Leader Iggy248 | -REDACTED- | Member zaba | -REDACTED- | Member maximus466 | -REDACTED- | Member Lask | -REDACTED- | Member Dr Kenny | -REDACTED- | Member RobZGod | -REDACTED- | Member arti: did i miss something?
  7. zaba

    russian famaly

    u mod u can spy any pm's with mysql client
  8. 16kb/s !?!?!? i got 56k, bandwith is huge, quake 3 has less: 4kb/s upl/downl and ping is 100ms omg, how i will play?!
  9. zaba

    russian famaly

    ja hochu!!! i want in!
  10. zaba

    web space

    cool, special thanks!
  11. huh, no computer cars and ppl
  12. are u sure ? but what does that mean anyway ?
  13. zaba

    MTA 0.3

    what about the "being a passenger in a car" feature?
  14. zaba

    web space

    where i can get free web space ~30mb ?
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