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  1. shop keeper in SA? man, you gotta be absolutly lifeless and on prozac to wish to be a damn shop keeper in GTA. You couldn't even stand more than 20 seconds in your shop without running outside and beating the shit out of the first person you'd see.
  2. I do not think it should be considered as a bad idea, at all. For your information, this technique is known as Pixelart. I suggest you resize your video window to 135x64 if it really disturbs you. One thing that disturbed me in the video is the black parts. At first I thought that my player had to be lackin the codec because it was all black, so I tried with different players before realizing that I just had to wait further in the video to see image appearing lol i act so dumb sometimes
  3. An MMO GTA surely would be awesome, but, what about the servers? As all the other high-tech MMO's (as opposed to for example BBMMORPG's) you need alot of bandwidth, so much that they mostly all have fees. How are you gonna deal with the bandwidth problem?
  4. Well I'm not sure it's that much of a suggestion, but anyways, a few days ago I saw a screenshot of a player standing on top of a flying Hydra. I don't know if it would work good enough for my idea to work, but doesn't it mean that you could basically have teams of two (or more after all, there's one room on a plane for more), one flying a plane (or some other type of vehicle after all) and another standing on top of it shooting at the other planes? If it could be possible imagine how freaking amazing it would be, standing on top of an Hydra going at full speed and throwing rockets or just sh
  5. well, looks already good! Sorry for asking the annoying question, I know this is alpha stage, but come on, it seems to be already good enough so you guys can have some fun with it, I for one would appreciate to be able to mess around with the alpha, even if it's only an alpha with everything it means. won't you guys release the alpha? I know this ain't exactly OSS, but you should follow the motto tho "release early release often" Don't hurt me please.. PS : I think the video lacked something like a player standing on a plane while another player's flying it. I saw that as a POTD or whatever
  6. alright, I forgot what I have done to my installation of GTA, but just in case I'll uninstall and reinstall the whole thing so I make sure its clean this time.
  7. Same happened to me, once I registered for an account and all that, then click the Connect button just wouldn't do anything. but eventually I got out of this thing and the installation resumed, however once in MTA i can't connect to any server
  8. MTA SA 1.1 just won't connect to a server. it will be able to retrive the list of servers, but when you double click a server, or click connect, nothing happens, you can do it as many times as you wish with as many servers as you wish, not connecting, and apparently not even trying. Up to the quick connect thing, I copied some server address, typed it in, and when i clicked connect the kinda dialog just went away and it just stayed there on the main menu as if nothing had happened.
  9. A_SN

    oh the MMO

    Nice suggestion. Suggest again in 15 years
  10. Oh, ok, yeah but you have to already be in the process tab and have a bar selected in the process list.
  11. hit G and press del then enter and it will end the process?? wtf, i never heard about that, can you explain it please?
  12. In the Task Manager. Menu Options>Always On Top. Get in a race, Alt+Tab till u get to the taskmgr...
  13. A_SN

    Conquest mode

    hehe thanks. you know it's not so hard commin up with a good idea for MTA. Just take the concept of your favorite multiplayer game, it might make something interesting on GTA.
  14. A_SN

    Manhunt :)

    If it's always the same player getting the HM then it's worrying. Mostly if that player becomes the HM, unless he finds a way to kill himself.I think so far we only can try to have an idea on how the HM should be chosen, but I guess we could tell better once it gets implemented
  15. No. Task Manager on top. You still see the game running in the background, it's just that the task manager is on top.
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