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  1. I hope you don't mind me asking, but will there be a fix for 1.1 with this feature included, or will we have to wait for 1.2?
  2. Haha, I was just going to suggest that, and I think that is better too.But I think 5 seconds seems a little harsh, I'd say make it 10 seconds or something, but that's not a big deal. All I care about is that this issue will be addressed as soon as possible. Hopefully it's not that difficult to add this function to the code.
  3. I tried the 1.1 release yesterday and I have got mixed feelings about it. Much has improved, and the new functions adds a great deal to the game. There is one thing that needs to be fixed urgently though. We need some kind of spectator mode, or a command like "Spectate". As an admin I'm in for a hard time because I can't spectate the players like I used to. Now I just respawn. I know that you can disable respawning on the maps, but it's a nice feature and I want to keep it. All I need is a command like /spectate. I think that many share my view on this, at least on the servers that I have played on. Keep up the good work, because it is good!
  4. I'm sorry to hear that. It's a very strict and exclusive server, but if you (are able to) follow the rules, it's one of the best you can find. Read all of the rules here: you there. EDIT: Usual Suspects1 has been updated. Here's what's changed: Updated to work with MTA:SA 1.1. No respawns. Fixed the garage where suspects spawn since a Police managed to get in there. The checkpoints now point to the next checkpoint. Download the new version here.
  5. That might be the case, yes. But from my experience this measure, 600x600, seems to be a rather large area anyway, how large I don't know.
  6. If I don't remember wrong, you can see that the sea in SA is divided into squares. If it's that square size that you can see in the ocean, then 600x600 would be a very large area.
  7. Usual Suspects2 released. The Usual Suspects2 has been released and you'll find the link to it at the very top of this thread. I've used the same concept as I used when I made Usual Suspects1. US2 also features 24 spawnpoints, but this time it's located in Los Santos. The whole region has been carefully blocked off and the Suspects have got some new cars to master. The spawn order is identical to US1 and all the changes that were made in US1 version 2 has been implemented in US2. Time to put the pedal to the metal and see if you got the skills you need to evade the cops. Or if you got the wits to be one step ahead and capture the Suspects. Enjoy! This map has been tested for a week now on a great server that I'd like to recommend: (join directly here mtasa:// That's the one. You can also just type , easier to remember.
  8. Version 2 of Usual Suspects1 I have released a second version of Usual Suspects1 (link at the top of this thread). I have made two changes. There is now a vehicle change pickup at the roof just in front of where the Maverick spawns. This pickup is only accessable by the helicopters. I added it since some people have felt they can't contribute as much as they want to in a Maverick. Therefore they can now choose if they want to be the "all seeing eye" as the Maverick, or assist as a Police Car on the road. The second change I have made has to do with the checklpoints. Now there is only one checkpoint showing up in the minimap at the time, instead of the usual two. Therefore the problem of suspects going to the wrong checkpoint has been eliminated. I accomplished this by putting two checkpoints at every checkpoint location. They are placed on the exact same place, so you take them both when you drive through. Therefore the number of checkpoints has now increased, but you will not notice it when you are driving. No checkpoint location has been moved an inch, they are all where they used to be. Usual Suspects2 Beta The second map in the series is soon completed. It's being tried out atm at and will be released after a few more days of testing. That's all for now. Thanks for reading.
  9. Thanks for the great response and like Strepto said, playing this map over LAN or over Ventrilo/TS makes for a greater experience. Nevertheless I hope that you have had some fun with it. I am currently working on Usual Suspects2 and it is coming along nicely. The concept is the same but the location has changed and new tactics by the police may be needed. If you liked the first one, you will like Usual Suspects2 aswell. In any case, that is the target.
  10. I'm sure I missed a bunch in the description. But yes, it's only the robbers that can take checkpoints (the first one is only accessable by the robbers). And the ratio is such as it is always more cops than robbers, 6 to 18 on a full server is correct. As far as the different vehicles in the game being boring, alot of thought has gone into that too. For instance, the barracks and rhino will only spawn if there are 23 respective 24 players on the server. The whole police spawning routine is inspired by the game's star levels. If there are few suspects, then there are only cruisers, and if there are many suspects, the police gets better material. The thing about the slower vehicles is that they can withstand more damage. Once you know the maps CPs, you can also set up more effective road blocks. The barracks skipping every other CP in order to get ahead of the suspects is one way to make the barracks an advantage, instead of something that never really catches up on the highways. The police maverick is for scouting purpose mainly. It is fast and agile and if the pilot is a team player, he will update the ground units continuously on the whereabouts of the suspects. The seasparrow has been a debated element of the map due to it's machine gun. But in the end I decided to keep it. Know that any suspect vehicle should be able to outrun it on a straight. I kept it because over the week many suspects have still been able to beat the cops, even though the sparrow is active. And I think it adds another dimension that you need to keep track of as a suspect. Every time you see a marker on the mini map that indicates a vehicle that is higher than you, get out of there at all cost. There should never be a dull moment.
  11. The Usual Suspects series The Usual Suspects maps are Cops and Robbers maps where you as a Suspect need to make it to the hideout while avoiding the Law represented by the San Andreas Police Force. Due to the use of checkpoints the Suspects now have a goal, and due to the placement of the checkpoints, that denies the Police from reaching them, it's still a Cops and Robbers map, and not a race. The layout of the maps encourages teamwork, but do not demand it. Enjoy! Links to where you can download the maps: Usual Suspects1: The first version of Usual Suspects1 The second version of Usual Suspects1 The third version of Usual Suspects1 (Note: All versions work. The description for the second and third version is a bit down in the thread. Usual Suspects2: The first version of Usual Suspects2 A short description is a bit down in this thread ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Usual Suspects1 (a 24 player action packed Cops and Robbers map; the first one in the series) The purpose of this map: Hi! There have been numerous of CnR (Cops N Robbers) maps ever since MTA:SA was launched. I've played many of them, and after many hours I came to some conclusions. Most of them are more or less fun, but there are key elements that prevent them from being perfect in my eyes. I don't like the fact that the robbers have no objective. They are just to roam the streets avoiding the police, or killing the police, but to have that as an objective as a robber in a CnR map seems strange to me. The police are suppose to eliminate the robbers, not the other way around. Another thing that many CnR maps feature is vehicle pickups. Now this might be a good idea from the start, but unfortunately there is nothing that prevents robbers becoming polices, or the other way around, in the middle of a race. What defines Usual Suspects1? In the creation I had some targets. Suspects must have a way to win and the teams (who's Cop and who's Robber) must be consistent throughout a race. And of course it needs to be fun and intense. First of all I chose Las Venturas as the scene for this map. I blocked all the exists, making sure that all the racing and hunting takes place inside of Las Venturas. This is necessary, otherwise some players might feel like taking a trip to the country, and all of a sudden the map takes 30 minutes to complete, and all the spectators leave the server... No vehicle pickups. I chose to not put any of these in the map since they can be reached by anyone and therefore might ruin a race if someone suddenly change side. I have put checkpoints in the race. Many might think that this destroys a CnR map, but believe me, it doesn't. I placed only a few checkpoints around Las Venturas and with enough road between them to ensure that the suspects are as free as possible. The suspects are the only ones who can take the checkpoints, the police can't reach them. And an important note on the checkpoints: They come in two colors, blue and green. If you take a blue, then go for a green and then for a blue again. Using checkpoints and the blocked off city makes this map intense and since the police (after you've played the map a few times) know where the suspects are going to pass through, they can set up efficient road blocks. If the police cooperates and communicate, the suspects are in for a hard race. Cooperation is not necessary, but adds a great deal to this race type. Hard facts about Usual Suspects1 24 player map Suspects objective: Reach the hideout and avoid the law Police obejctive: Prevent the suspects from reaching their hideout 7 checkpoints, suspects only (two colors, take every other blue, and every other green) Located in Las Venturas The cops are always bigger in numbers Final notes: This map has been tested for a week now on a great server that I'd like to recommend: (join directly here mtasa:// If you want to try the map out, stop by, it is played alot there. The map itself has had many changes before I and the others finally was satisfied. This map may not be liked by everyone, but that's ok, this is just my humble opinion about how a great CnR map should look like. Maybe you share my view? Creator: [FP]MAN[swe] Co-creators: [FP]TheGandro[swe] and [LRS]Strepto (apologies for any spelling mistakes)
  12. Uploading a map works like a charm for me. But when it comes to updating that same map, it gets troublesome. This is how I try to update my map using mozilla version I login at the center. I press the link to upload a map. I choose a map that I've updated using the browse button. I get this message: "The file you are uploading is an updated map. Please enter the changes in the box below." I write a few lines what's changed (have tried to leave it blank aswell). I press upload and get this error: "The uploaded file was not recognized as valid XML. Please try again" I have also tried uploading a map and then, without making any changes to it, upload it again, but I still get this error. I have also tried with Internet Explorer 6.0 However! I have seen people who successfully have updated their maps, I haven't been able to get in touch with any of them though. Is there anyone out there who is reading this and has successfully updated their map? If so, could you please write how you did and what browser and version you're using?
  13. Is there anyone out there who has a fix for this, or is it really impossible atm to update your maps? I too am in need .
  14. Yes, there are easy ways to get around it, however it's still a bug.